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03/24/21: FreeWire EVs and the Marketplace – This webinar presented by newest MBP FreeWire details the different levels of charging, what to expect in the marketplace for the future, and opportunities for our members to add chargers to their businesses.

01/09/2019: Wage and Hour: What You Need to Know – This webinar takes members through the basics of wage and hour laws. Covers topics such as the Federal Labor Standards Act, minimum wage requirements, overtime wages, and how to prevent expensive violations that could slow down your business.

03/20/19: Hiring Best Practices – This webinar informs members of best practices when hiring employees.

04/03/19: Firing Best Practices – This webinar informs members of best practices when firing employees and how to handle difficult situations that may arise at the workplace. ***Please skip to minute 3 on this video*** 


Attorney Steven Horowitz provided NJGCA members with an accompanying Employee Warning Letter to use for your employees. Please see the webinar for how to fill this out, and please contact Steven Horowitz for additional guidance (contact information can be found at the end of the presentation). 

11/7/2018: New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Law: A Primer – Outlines the new paid sick leave law in New Jersey and what small business owners need to know to be in compliance with the new requirements. For more information on paid sick leave, click HERE.