NJ Emission Inspector Training Information


In order to be licensed as a Motor Vehicle Emission Inspector, an applicant must complete an approved
training program that provides a detailed understanding of inspection related issues. The NJGCA
Emission Inspector course offers comprehensive instruction that fulfills all state requirements.
Our course curriculum includes an overview of state rules, regulations, and various emission repair
issues. Technicians will be required to pass both a Written Exam and Hands-On Exam (as proctored
by MVC Staffers). Technicians passing these exams will be certified and licensed as Motor Vehicle
Emission Inspectors (INL license holder).

The Training Curriculum is as follows:

DAY 1: Classroom Training and Written Exam
DAY 2: Gasoline Hands-On Training
     ***Gasoline Inspection Equipment Only***
DAY 3 (OPTIONAL): Diesel Hands-On Training
    ***See link below for details and pricing***

Training Information