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Fwd: Road Warrior: Settlement Deadline Extended, Local Gas Supply Sold Off, Lottery Update

May 23, 2024

Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve Being Sold Off Soon

Two months ago we warned membership, Congress, and the press about a small provision in the last big federal government spending deal which orders the elimination of the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve (NGSR), a reserve of 1 million barrels of refined gasoline (700,000 in NJ) set up by the Obama Administration a decade ago after the fuel shortages caused by Superstorm Sandy. Since it was inserted in the language of the thousand-page bill that was not made public until about 48 hours before the government shut down, there was no ability or willingness to strip it out. You can read our original letter HERE

This week the US Department of Energy announced they would try and sell off all 42 million gallons of gas in the near future, so that they are able to flood the local market in time for the July 4th weekend. They seemed to frame it as just a generous idea to lower local gas prices, rather than as something they have been forced into by a short-sighted Congressional mandate. That same mandate also requires this reserve be shut down after the fuel is sold off. 

Still, if they are going to have to sell off this supply, this is as good a time as any to do it, prices have been trending down since a spike in April tied to the switch to summer blend, hopefully this release (though small in the grand scheme of things) will put some more downward pressure on wholesale prices. 

If you're interested in buying directly from the Reserve, they are only selling in increments of 4.2 million gallons… 

You can read the DOE statement HERE and read more news coverage HERE and HERE

Credit Card Settlement Deadline Extended–But Don't Wait!

While the original deadline to apply for this settlement money was next week (May 31st), the courts last week granted an extension to August 30th

Based on the number of members reaching out about this, many people were waiting until the last minute. Even though you now have more time, we emphasize that you don't wait to fill out the application because to get what you are entitled to may take more time than expected, as you may need to look up various numbers and records from over the years. 

You should have responded to a claim offer mailed to you, but if you didn't get one back in January you can apply through the website HERE. Make sure you use that official website, there are allegedly some scams going around designed to mimic the official website as a way to steal your claim. You can read more details in this informative article HERE

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Nick via or 732-256-9646.

Update on Anti Self-Serve Lottery Ticket Design

Two weeks ago, we wrote about a new lottery ticket design that had been brought to our attention which advocates against self-serve gas. You can see the ticket and read more about it HERE. You can also read the formal protest letter which NJGCA sent to the Lottery Commission HERE

This week we heard back from the Lottery Commission with some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that since they have already printed out and packed all the tickets, they are not able to eat the cost of throwing them all out and reprinting the entire game. 

The good news is that they did apologize for the design, acknowledged it was a mistake on their part that should have been caught and prevented, and that they will not let it happen again nor print the design in the future.

They also confirmed explicitly that retailers are free to return the packs of this game at no cost and at no penalty. The specific No Self Service ticket design is mixed in with the other designs for the new “It's a Jersey Thing” game, making up one-sixth of every game pack. They also confirmed that as a new game and a more expensive ticket, this is a limited run to begin with.

We encourage members to send back all packs of this game so as to not promote this message. The game comes out in the next month. Reach out to 732-256-9646 with any questions or concerns. 

Memorial Day

With Memorial Day this Monday, we offer a Thank You to all who have served. Make sure to take a moment on Monday to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy a peaceful and prosperous free life with family and friends.

Rack Averages

Date Rack Avg Avg w Taxes Low Rack
05/16 252.71 $3.1341 245.22
05/17 255.68 $3.1638 248.71
05/20 252.44 $3.1314 243.65
05/21 249.66 $3.1036 241.03
05/22 245.86 $3.0656 237.14
Date Avg Retail Avg Margin Diesel Rack Avg
05/16 $3.57 0.47 251.78
05/17 $3.56 0.43 247.41
05/20 $3.55 0.39 247.62
05/21 $3.55 0.42 245.65
05/22 $3.55 0.44 246.54

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