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Fwd: Road Warrior: Automotive Trade Show TOMORROW, New MBP Reit Lubricants, Happy Ramadan!

March 14, 2024

Starting Tomorrow — The NORTHEAST Automotive Trade Show
Stop by and see us tomorrow and over the weekend!

Tomorrow one of the largest automotive-related trade shows in the country begins at NORTHEAST 2024!

Hosted by our friends at AASP/NJ, this year NJGCA staff will be in attendance and have a booth.

If you own and operate a repair shop, you should stop by and see us!  

While AASP focuses on representing the body shops of the state, there are still many exhibitors who offer a variety of products and services to mechanical repair shops. 

You can check out a floor plan with the exhibitors HERE

Our booth will be near the front, alongside the World Insurance booth. We hope you'll stop in and say hello, we'll have more info about the various programs and benefits we offer. 

The show runs on Friday, March 15th 5pm-10pm; Saturday, March 16th 10am-5pm; and Sunday March 17th 10am-3pm at the Meadowlands Convention Center in Secaucus. 

Entry to the trade show is FREE if you register in advance on the show's website HERE

Walk-ins cost $10, but are still free with the attached VIP pass you can download and print out HERE

The pass can also be used to enroll you in a raffle to win $500 when you get there.  

New MBP Announcement – Reit Lubricants Joins NJGCA

The NJGCA Member Benefit Partner (MBP) program is a central facet in serving our Association members, and a practical tool for small business owners seeking quality goods-n-services at a reasonable price. 

That said, the program is not static, and we are always looking to improve it.  Sometimes this means we stumble across a unique outfit that we think you could benefit from. Other times, we hear from members telling us of the good experience they have with a particular company, then ask us to recruit them into the program for all members to take advantage of. 

The above in mind, we wanted to update members with news that Reit Lubricants Company has joined the Association as our newest MBP. 

Some members may already be familiar with Reit Lubricants and their products; but for the unacquainted, our newest MBP is a family-owned operation, supplying customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

What began as a family heating oil company in 1945 has evolved over three generations to become a multi-faceted business, including a dedicated lubricant division. They continue to be a family run business, offering patrons personal attention and exceptional customer service. 

Today, Reit offers lubricants, coolants, diesel exhaust fluids, and other specialty products to customers in the automotive-, industrial-, and commercial-industries.  Products are delivered in both package and bulk, from two centrally located facilities and through a company-owned fleet of 32 trucks.  That means orders are filled quickly and customers get their deliveries on time.

Reit distributes major brands like Phillips 66, Kendall, Chevron, and Lubriplate.  Orders are processed through a highly trained and professional sales team.  They have a very loyal customer base, and are proud of their hands-on approach with patrons.

As our newest MBPs, Reit is offering special pricing and promotions unique to Association members.  

If you would like to inquire about their products, offerings, pricing, and more, feel free to reach out to their two Sales Consultants, below:

Jon McNiece
Sales Consultant, assisting customers in Sussex, Passaic, Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Union, Middlesex, Monmouth, Mercer, Hunterdon & Warren Counties
P: 609-743-3418 

Jim Grady
Sales Consultant, assisting customers in Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Cape May & Atlantic Counties 
P: 609-743-3417

Have any questions about this new MBP?  Do you have a suggestion for a new MBP?

Feel free to reach out to Joe (at or Nick (at with your questions or comments.

Gas Tax Increase Still Moving 

On Monday the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee passed the bill to increase 1.9¢ per year for 5 years, a total of 9.5¢ a gallon on gasoline and diesel fuel. Based on our analysis of the bill text and the trendlines we've seen in fuel consumption over the last several years, we believe the actual increase will be larger than that, more like 12.5¢ total over 5 years. And once those 5 years are up, you can bet they will be back looking for additional increases. 

NJGCA was again there to oppose it, against an array of highpowered construction interests and the unions who represent those workers, all strongly supporting this bill. You can read our full testimony with more details HERE

Thanks to everyone who has already contacted their legislators, we've had a great response. If you haven't joined in, please click HERE. The bill is expected to be voted on this coming Monday March 18th. 

Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve to Be Eliminated by Congress

Speaking of government policy being rammed through in a rush, on Monday we learned that Congress is planning to sell off and completely close down the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve, a strategic reserve of 1 million barrels of refined gasoline, 700,000 of which are split between Carteret and Perth Amboy NJ. This Reserve was created in 2014 as a direct reaction to the gas shortages and gas lines we suffered through in the month after Superstorm Sandy hit the state. 

The elimination was buried in the more than one thousand page bill to keep the federal government open and funded. The language was released to the public Sunday night and the bill was passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon, rushed through without public hearings in order to prevent a shutdown that would have come Friday night. Once again, our Congress disappoints us.

The only explanations given for this proposal are that it would raise some quick cash now, and that the Reserve is useless because it hasn't been used so far. We would emphasize 'so far'. It hasn't been used because we've been lucky enough to avoid another storm like Sandy, but if a day comes when floodwaters once again knock out our supply capacity, which continues to be based near the coast, then we will certainly be regretting the loss of this Reserve. Perhaps with the pressure off of avoiding a shutdown, our Congressional delegation may be able to save the Reserve before it's permanently gone.

We tried to raise awareness of this foolhardy plan, you can read our press release HERE, an article covering it HERE, and our letter to our Congressional delegation HERE

Training Tomorrow's Inspectors–A Unique Opportunity

Learning a new skillset is often difficult, and having the right kind of teacher can make the difference between success and failure.  

Our long-time instructor, Peter Perrella, has taught thousands of students to earn their Emission Inspectors and/or Emission Repair Technicians credentials. As a Master Tech with years of teaching and turning wrenches under his belt, Peter is able to meaningfully connect with students, draw from his deep experiences, and help them work through the material. Many of you reading this know Peter or have taken his classes over the years.

As good as he is, however, Peter is only one man.  As demand for our training courses has increased after the COVID emergency ended, we have seen renewed interest in our Training Program. We now have a waiting list of interested students, and the need for additional help.

In acknowledging this, and in hopes of expanding our instructional program around the state, the Association wants to hear from any members, their employees, former employees, or other associates that might be interested in teaching one of our courses.

Our courses are typically scheduled every four to six weeks, depending on the demand.  The ideal candidate(s) would be a current NJ State Emission Inspector, be generally knowledgeable, have a good demeanor, and a willingness to learn how to teach our course from Peter and our staff to small groups of interested students.  No prior teaching experience is needed.  

What's more, we would welcome potential instructor candidates from different geographic parts of the state, so as to organize “local” classes to better accommodate students in a given region.

Who could realistically teach?  It might be you, a former or current employee, a younger technician, a seasoned Master Tech, or even a partially retired shop owner looking to give something back to the industry. And, of course, it might be someone who is periodically looking to make a few extra dollars on the side; as the need arises and a class can be organized.

It takes a special kind of person to teach. Imparting knowledge and educating a willing student is a unique skillset, and one that is often undervalued in our industry.  Help us identify those educators to better prepare tomorrow's shop personnel.  

Thanks for your help! If you are interested in learning more or have an ideal candidate in mind, please feel free to email Nick at at your convenience.  

Happy Ramadan!

This week marks the start of the Ramadan holiday, which began on Sunday, March 10th and continues through April 9th.

For Muslims across the globe, Ramadan is a holy month with special significance, which includes fasting and spiritual reflection.

To all our members who are observing the holiday, may this Ramadan bring you peace, prosperity, and spiritual fulfillment. 

Ramadan Mubarak!

Rack Averages

Date Rack Avg Avg w Taxes Low Rack
02/29 226.41 $2.8711 218.29
03/01 231.79 $2.9249 223.65
03/04 231.00 $2.9170 222.30
03/05 227.15 $2.8785 219.33
03/06 229.42 $2.9012 222.65
Date Avg Retail Avg Margin Diesel Rack Avg
02/29 $3.18 0.34 276.40
03/01 $3.17 0.30 281.09
03/04 $3.17 0.24 275.46
03/05 $3.17 0.25 271.11
03/06 $3.17 0.30 276.20

News Worth Knowing:

Member Benefit Partner (MBP) Spotlight:

DiagramDescription automatically generated

Specialized lenders, faster access to capital

LendingCapital’s loan search program with over 20 + lenders from term loans to lines of credit, commercial real estate and everything in between, our marketplace of specialized lenders across multiple industries gives our customers easier, faster access to capital…no fees, no effect on your credit.

Better approval rates, happier customers

Not all customers are created equal, so we work with diverse funding partners that specialize in each industry and truly understand their specific needs to deliver higher approval rates and better credit options, our algorithms are we pick up the phone and call you for discovery.

Subprime to A-rated from 5k to 5 million + Serving a wide range of borrowers including gas stations.

699 Washington Street, Ste 302 Hackettstown, NJ 07840

C: 973-479-2558 F: 908-269-8879 E:

At we are happy to be back and part of NJGCA!


Available Real Estate

Station for Sale

Thriving High Profit Gas/Service Station close to Major Highway in Prime Location. 

This Exclusive Gas Station is the Sole Provider in the entire town, achieving a remarkable fuel profit of up to and sometimes over 1$ a gallon. Consistently selling 45,000 gallons monthly. Most fuel customers come from Highway so fuel prices do not have to be competitive. 

Also included with the Property is a Reputable High End Auto Repair Facility. Repair shop has all required Specialty and Diagnostic Tools for servicing mostly High End Vehicles. Advertising is no longer used do to an enormous Demand and large Customer Base. Repair Business has has potential for increased profitability and expansion, the business is open to experienced buyers for a possible partnership or profit sharing arrangement. Location is 1 out of 100. Fuel sales make 20-40K a month and repairs can do the same with the right operator. 

This one of a kind opportunity can include seller financing for those with High-Level Automotive or Gas Station Experience.

Contact Greg

Cape Harbor Shell

795 Route 109

Unit B

Lower Township, NJ, 08204

Contact: Jerry 609-425-8837 

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