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Wildfire Alert

November 4, 2012


Please feel free to pass this message along to friends and competitors even if they are not members of NJGCA.  This is a time when we must all pull together and we will all be served if every gas station in NJ can be aware of all that is being done to alleviate the difficulties being experienced by all of you and your customers.

NJGCA has been working closely with our friends at FMANJ and others who are stationed at the Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC), better known as “The Roc”.  For the past 3 days officials and staff from Governor Christie’s office have been assigned there to a “
Gasoline and Fuels Task Force”.

I will send you a blow by blow of this crisis later in the week, but for right now I want to share a few important facts.

We have been expecting emergency supplies of gasoline and diesel to be shipped to gas stations that have been unable to receive gas from their supplier for various reasons.  The Governor's Office reports, and Governor Christie himself reported at a press conference, that fuel deliveries are already being made.  This gas is being made available by the US Department of Defense, being distributed thru FEMA via National Guard Armories, and being delivered to service stations in various Northern Counties in the State.

Gas stations that followed NJGCA instructions, and contacted the
Gasoline Fuels Task Force via, will receive deliveries first, although other gas stations that may be deemed as geographically critical by state and local officials may be bumped higher in priority.

I do not have any control regarding who they are sending gas to or the order that they have chosen to send it.  At this point I don’t even have information regarding how much the gas costs or how it will be paid for.  I have only been given an assurance that the price will be a fair market price, likely to be what you paid before the storm hit.

Since Thursday night we have also been forwarding an updated list of those stations that have replied to my emails and texts that do not have power.

These locations are being forwarded to officials at ROIC, FEMA, PSE&G, Army Corp of Engineers and several other organizations working with the Governor’s office.

It is important to know that today Governor Christie signed Executive Order No. 110 which allows branded gas stations to receive gasoline and diesel from any possible source through November 14, 2012.

You must put signs on your pumps informing consumers that the fuel isn’t the brand identified by the sign at the curb.  DO NOT substitute one grade of motor fuel for another.  If you happen to need to drop regular grade in to a premium tank, then make sure that your pump properly reflects the grade that is coming out of the nozzle.

You can read the
Governor’s Executive Order 110 by CLICKING HERE

As you are already aware, Governor Christie imposed odd/even rationing of gasoline.  Yes, many of you are reporting ugly circumstances with motorists that are both uncooperative and violent.  Under the circumstances it is understandable.  However, the law is the law.  Another bigger however; DO NOT GET HURT TRYING TO ENFORCE the rules.  If a customer is uncooperative, I suggest that you serve them gas and record their license plate and description of the car.  In the event that authorities cite you for serving that customer, NJGCA will stand with you using the information that you collect to mitigate any fines or penalties. 

Let me repeat: 
DO NOT GET HURT OR GET INVOLVED IN ANY VIOLENCE when an unruly motorist is uncooperative when enforcing odd/even gasoline rationing.

Look for more updates to follow.  Stay tuned to your email and text messages.

Sal Risalvato,
NJGCA Executive Director


If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact NJGCA at our Headquarters at 973-376-0066 or email us at

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