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Wildfire Alert

November 2, 2012

Gov. Christie arranges massive fuel delivery to NJ stations!
Retailers urged to contact Station Outage Hotline for delivery arrangments!

We have just learned that Governor Christie has made arrangements for a massive fuel delivery to New Jersey Stations.  Even as you read this message, gasoline is making its way to to the Garden State.  Tanker trucks are already rolling!! DO NOT DELAY!!  FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!!

With this in mind, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact the Station Outage Hotline to let them know you need a load of fuel.

Yes, many of you have already emailed me and the Hotline to notify that your station needs fuel, electrical power, or both.  However, I am asking you to duplicate your previous efforts -- Do it again!

If you haven't been able to get a gasoline delivery, you should stop what you are doing, and email your station location and details to, and carbon copy Sal Risalvato and Eric DeGesaro

Stake your claim now, because once the fuel arrives it will have to be dispersed to stations very quickly. 

Again, email with your station information, carbon copy Sal at, and Eric and let State Officials know that you need gasoline at your location.

Efforts are also being made to get emergency generation to locations without power.  So email if you cannot get a gasoline delivery and also if you do not have electricity.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact NJGCA at our Headquarters at 973-376-0066 or email us at


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