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November 1, 2007


Dear NJGCA Member:

"Never judge a book by its cover," our mothers would say. The last few weeks have brought a prime example of just how true this expression really is.

You may have heard that President Bush Vetoed the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The Veto has been condemned by the press and politicians accusing the President of everything from hating children to simply using his Veto as a political move to satisfy insurance companies.

While there has been endless argument and criticism, here is what the 'experts' never told you: SCHIP would hurt YOUR small-business.

The simple fact is that the expanding the SCHIP program would have been funded by a 61¢ hike in the Cigarette Excise Tax; boosting the existing 39¢ tax to $1.00 per pack.

And if you happen to sell a few cigars in your shops, the tax on cigars would have jumped an ADDITIONAL $3 dollars a cigar.

Unfortunately, many journalists, political analysts, and reporters brushed over this fact.

We expect our customers to buy profitable products like cigarettes as they top off their gas tanks or grab a cup of coffee. Anything that would deter them from this WILL have a negative impact on your small-business.

Leadership in Congress later attempted to over-turn President Bush's Veto. NJGCA contacted New Jersey's 13 Congressmen and explained the impact it would have on small-business owners, and asked them to NOT vote for this legislation. The over-ride was later defeated.

The bottom line: Things aren't always what they seem. You may not be presented with the full facts before making a business decision. Always be sure to dig a bit deeper than what you are presented with to see the true impact of events in Washington, Trenton, or elsewhere.

Sal Risalvato,
Executive Director



  • NY-NJ Crossing could face steep toll hike
  • Anti-Business Buzz: New Jersey's unfriendly business climate
  • Abusing temporary plates carries hefty fine
  • Budget Blues: NJ has ANOTHER budget crisis on the horizon


  • NJGCA argues against Big Oil and the rise of oil prices


NY-NJ Crossing could face steep toll hike
The Port Authority of New York/New Jersey is pushing to increase Hudson River crossing tolls to pay for a second Hudson River rail tunnel and rebuilding the World Trade Center among other projects.

Anti-Business Buzz: New Jersey's unfriendly business climate
New Jersey's harsh business environment is of growing concern to residents and the Corzine Administration. Issues such as corruption, high-taxes, over-regulation, high-housing costs were all cited as major reasons for the flight of businesses and lack of newly established businesses in state.

Abusing temporary plates carries hefty fine
Car dealerships should be mindful to NOT renew temporary license plates on new vehicles. Such a violation imposes a $100 fine on dealerships if caught.

Budget Blues: NJ has ANOTHER budget crisis on the horizon
In response to Governor Corzine's announcement of a coming $3.5 Billion shortfall, a State Senator argues for the need to cut wasteful spending before next year's budget process begins.


Traditionally, oil prices have been established by supply and demand; with fluctuations directly impacting gasoline prices.

However, the current surge in crude oil price is not due to the supply and demand equation, rather it is due to the speculators and oil barons bidding the price upwards.

Who wins??? Those who have the oil!! OPEC and Big Oil!

Who Loses? We do. Gasoline retailers and motorists and the overall economy!

The price of gasoline will undoubtedly rise in the coming weeks due to rampant investor speculation driving oil prices above $90 per barrel!! Even more shocking is that at this time last year, crude oil prices were nearly $30 less per barrel, though demand is relatively the same.

Despite this truth, the motoring public will no doubt place the blame for high gasoline prices on retailers and small-businesses.

NJGCA has begun the effort to make the media understand that gasoline retailers work on razor thin margins and that the rising price of gasoline benefits others -- NOT US!

Motorist anger is obviously misdirected, as Big Oil -- and not gasoline retailers and small-businesses -- have reaped the reward of Wall Street investor speculation through big quarterly profits.

CLICK HERE to read our PRESS RELEASE on the NJGCA website; see how YOUR association is fighting to protect small-businesses and retailers by attacking this claim head-on.