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June 25, 2014

CRITICAL: Gas Station Crime Research Survey

Dear NJGCA Member:

Last week, I wrote to you about the attendant that was shot in the groin during a gas station robbery in West Orange.  This week, I am writing with some good news, and also to repeat my request that you please take a few minutes to
fill out the crime research survey that we have created with the help of a Professor at John Jay College and his research team.  We need participation from stations that HAVE and HAVE NOT been victimized. If you have more than one location, please fill out the survey for each location. It won't take more than 5-10 minutes.  To take the survey, click HERE.

If you still need to be convinced about why you should spend a few minutes doing this, keep reading.  There will be another opportunity to click on the link and take the survey at the bottom of this message.

Here's the good news: Earlier this week, police arrested a suspect in last week's violent gas station robbery in West Orange.  The suspect had been arrested two days later, in Irvington, on another armed robbery charge. Thank God he was caught before he was able to commit even more violent robberies!  The gas station's survelliance video, which was blasted on local news sources everywhere, helped the West Orange Police Department to identify, apprehend and arrest the suspect. To view a news segment, which includes safety tips and recommendations from NJGCA, please click here!

Here's what you need to do: Take the time to fill out NJGCA's survey.  With your help, the survey will produce real results that gas station owners can use to help protect themselves, their businesses and their employees. This is also a tool that NJGCA plans to use in our fight for self-serve. One of the main arguments that NJGCA and employers can use to convince the public and legislators about the necessity of self-serve is the safety of the employees and attendants. However, anecdotal stories will not be enough. We will need hard evidence to show that gas attendants are frequent victims of crime. THAT IS WHERE THIS SURVEY COMES IN. All of you who are in favor of self-serve and have ever had an employee been the victim of a crime should be rushing to fill out this survey and provide information about the situations in which your business and your employees have been endangered.

This West Orange robbery was the 5th such incident in two weeks! Luckily, the station owner had survelliance cameras on his property, and as a result, another dangerous and violent criminal has been taken off the streets. With adequate participation, this survey will provide gas station owners with valuable information, including:

 - reducing personal injury and harm associated with crime and violence
 - reducing economic loss due to crime,
 - improving working conditions and quality of life, and
 - enhancing the relationship between gas station owners and employees and the police. 

Only YOU can do something about the pattern of gas stations being victims by helping us gather information to keep you, your business, and your employees safe.

Again, to take the survey, please click HERE.


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