Wildfire Alert

June 5, 2019

Notifications of Violation for Class A/B Operators

We last notified you about Notices of Violations (NOVs) being distributed to gas station owners for failure to designate a Class A/B operator in April. We received word this week from NJDEP that the next batch of NOVs are currently being processed. Counties included in this most recent batch are Hudson, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren. The deadline to designate a Class A and Class B operator on your UST registration was October 13th, 2018. Recipients of this NOV have 30 days to make the corrective action of changing their UST registration to reflect their Class A and B operator. If they do not respond within 30 days, NJDEP will issue a penalty assessment of $1,750. NJDEP may also take administrative, judicial enforcement action, and/or impose a delivery ban.

We understand more NOVs will continue to go out. If you own or operate a gas station, make sure you have updated your UST registration with your Class A/B Operator to avoid violation penalties and possible delivery bans. Please refer to our guidance document I Passed My A/B Operator Exam. . .Now What Do I Do Next? for guidance in filling out your registration forms. If you receive a notice of violation or require assistance in filling out your registration, please contact the office.