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December 11, 2017

Exxon Dealers Take Note!!

Recently, several items of importance have been brought to our attention regarding Exxon Mobil and an offer that they have made to existing customers flying their flag.  Several dealers have inquired about this offer.  The offer includes a re-imbursement of $75,000 towards station image upgrades.  Since the upgrades required will likely cost substantially more than $75,000, ExxonMobil is also going to include 3¢ per gallon back to you for three (3) years.  Part of the required upgrades are mandatory replacement of dispensers that will also include new EMV technology. Dispensers must be purchased by December 31, 2017.

Also required will be a 10 year extension of your ExxonMobil contract with an ExxonMobil distributor.

Some dealers may be under the impression that this offer is available through only a few SPECIFIC distributorsThis is FALSEAll ExxonMobil distributors are able to facilitate the same offer for you.  If this is an offer that is interesting to you then you should discuss it with your current distributor.  DO NOT be led to believe that this offer is only good through another distributor who may be making the offer to you. 

There are a number of ExxonMobil distributors listed in the NJGCA Member Benefits Partner brochure.  These are distributors who have a proven record of fair dealing and integrity with NJGCA members.  You should feel comfortable getting accurate information from any of those listed in the NJGCA brochure.

Dealers are free to switch distributors once their contract is up, however, DO NOT switch your distributor because you have been falsely led to believe that a new distributor is the only one that can make this current offer.  If you have questions about this call the NJGCA office at 732-256-9646