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July 13, 2020

EV Charger Grants Still Available

We notified you last month of a generous grant program for businesses that are interested in installing an electric vehicle charging station at their location. This may be a good fit for gasoline/diesel retailers, repair shops, and certainly convenience stores. There's still time to apply to the now-extended NJ DEP grant program to promote the installation of battery chargers for electric vehicles, which now includes grants to install DC fast charging.

DC fast chargers are the type of charging most comparable to the gasoline experience, since motorists can fill up to the 80% charge mark in about 20 minutes. However, these models are also the most expensive, with total costs in the low six figures. 
This grant will cover 80% of the cost of installation, up to $200,000 for a location that is within one mile of an exit or intersection of a major traffic corridor. If you have the space, and particularly if you have a convenience store, this could be a very good opportunity.

The extended deadline to submit an application is Wednesday, July 22nd. More details of the program can be found here, and you can find the two-page grant application HERE. We are working to provide more information to you about the pros and cons of investing in EV charging through a series of webinars, but wanted to make sure those who are most interested know about this opportunity before time runs out. The grant application is very short and after sending in the application, a business can back out if they decide not to move forward and won't have any penalty. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please reach out to and we will connect you with our contacts at a charging company who can walk you through the economics and the particulars of applying for the grant.