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June 9, 2020

NJGCA Best Practices Guidance Document Available

Last week we hosted a successful webinar with MBP Steven Horowitz on best practices for our businesses as the state begins to reopen. You may remember that we asked members in our email communications for advice on what you are doing to keep your businesses safe for customers. Using this information as well as guidance from the CDC and Health Department and the knowledge we have on our specific industries, we produced our own best practices document for you to use as motorists return to the roads again. The document will be available on our Coronavirus webpage

We intend for this document to be a working one as we learn more about the virus and more specific best practices for slowing the spread. If anyone has any other additional suggestions or additions, please contact Michelle at We suggest you print this out and keep this handy for your employees to refer to. You may even want to have it available within the view of the customer so they can see the efforts our industries are putting in to keep our customers safe and healthy.