Wildfire Alert

May 1, 2020

Relief Money Still Available: If You Have Not Done So Act Now

We have just learned that the new Phase 3.5 relief funds that were released last Friday have surprisingly not yet run out and are still available. Last week, we anticipated that these funds would run out in a matter of hours, though somehow it looks like there is still funding available. We are thinking that many small business owners were scared off by both the process and the availability of funds, and simply didn’t think it was worth the effort, and chose not to bother. If you have not done so yet, the time to apply for federal relief is NOW! Take advantage of this opportunity to receive help!  The funds will run out at some point.

You can reach out to Scott Seidman at Heartland Payment Systems by emailing
scott.seidman@e-hps.com, or, we have been advised by our contacts in the NJ Bankers Association to recommend Connect One Bank: https://www.connectonebank.com/. Please CC nick@njgca.org and keep us in the loop to let us know if you are having difficulty or need further assistance. Certainly let us know if you have success.