Risalvato fires back at Milgram accusations(NJN | NJN News)

ByMichelle Horowitz

Risalvato fires back at Milgram accusations(NJN | NJN News)

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June 26, 2008 — NJGCA Executive Director Sal Risalvato appeared on NJN’s nightly news program after hosting a press conference defending small business retailers from false and misleading allegations.  NJGCA held the press conference in response to Attorney General Anne Milgram announcement last week that 350 gasoline stations were given violations for “scamming” state motorists as part of a statewide statewide gasoline retailer inspection sweep.  Sal and NJGCA believe that Milgram and public officials are seeking headlines in response to rising consumer anger over gas prices.  In truth, most of the violations were for minor infractions that were administrative in nature, and not dishonest or misleading toward customers.  Nevertheless, the citations made headlines and undeservedly damaged the reputations of small business owners.


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