The last few years have seen an explosion of growth in e-cigarettes that has shaken up the tobacco industry. More and more consumers are buying e-cigs, in part because studies show that e-cigs (which vaporize nicotine, rather than burn tobacco) are healthier than traditional cigarettes. As a result, more and more smokers are turning to e-cigs either as a step in quitting or just for the sake of helping their lungs. 

Small businesses especially are benefiting.  More and more of their customers are coming out to convenience stores and other small businesses to purchase these products, which almost always have a healthier profit margin for the business than traditional cigarettes.  
Unfortunately, whenever technology changes the marketplace, the government has to step in to get their piece of the action. Many states are looking to expand their tobacco taxes to include e-cigs, and now Governor Christie wants New Jersey to join them. E-cigs are not being sold tax free as a result of some loophole; they are currently subjected to the state's very high sales tax of 7%. 

Now, a new bill has been introduced, S-1867, that would would institute a crippingly high new tax of 75% on e-cigarettes.  

That's why you need to take action now and let your legislators know that if they don't oppose this new tax, they will have to answer to you! Add your name to our petition

Get your customers involved in the fight! 

Click here to dowload a ready made coupon with the link to our petition on it.  

Have your employees hand one out to every person who comes into your store and buys an e-cig!  We need every signature we can get!  If possible consider setting up an ipad near the counter with the link to the petition on it so customers can add their name while they wait in line.  

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