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November 2, 2012

NJ Gasoline Station Outage Hotline Established!
Governor seeking feedback on operational stations!

NJGCA has been participating all day in a series of conference calls and coordination efforts aimed at helping station owners in need of electrical power AND/OR gasoline deliveries.  The goal is to get these small business owners in touch with the proper authorities so services maybe restored.

As such, we have just learned that a NJ Station Outage Hotline has been established to assist station owners who need to restore power or get fuel deliveries!

The Governor's Office has set up a hotline and email address to report issues regarding power, fuel supply, and any other issues impeding the orderly retail distribution of fuel in the state.

You may contact the NJ Station Outage Hotline directly at 609-858-6900 or via email at

In addition, the Governor is seeking feedback on stations that are open and operational so that he can report those stations to the public. 

Please utitlize these tools and give Trenton authorities the feedback and insight they need to better serve the public and your establishment.

In addition please email with the address of any location that does not have electric power or has been unable to receive a gasoline delivery. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact NJGCA at our Headquarters at 973-376-0066 or email us at


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