Road Warrior Newsletter

October 2, 2009


Dear NJGCA Member:


Earlier this year, NJGCA and dealers around New Jersey won an important victory in getting our First Right of Refusal legislation passed in Trenton.  This law, signed by the Governor in June, enabled many franchisees to have the right to purchase their properties from Big Oil and own their locations.

However, a number of events have taken place since the legislation was made law that should be a concern to all of you.

Shell was among the first companies seeking to divest their retail assets in New Jersey and was forced to stop their divestiture in June.  In August, they began to offer these retail locations to the franchise dealers, but we believe they have failed to totally comply with the law.   Once again NJGCA brought the Shell dealers together to combat this obstacle and we expect that they will be taking action to compel Shell to comply with the law.

Dealers of other major brands should be aware that this is going on.  Not everything goes according to plan and you should prepare yourself for possibly taking similar action down the line with your own brand. 

Please stay tuned.

Anyone paying attention to our activities knows our progress in helping to make Right to Repair law in New Jersey.  As you recall, NJGCA succeeded in getting the bill passed in the Assembly – a feat no other state has been able to replicate.  We are the first! 

Our work is far from over and the bill is now awaiting consideration in the Senate.  Currently we have 19 Senators supporting us and need 21 Senators to send this to the Governor’s desk.  However, if we fail to get this signed into law by the end of December, a new Legislative Session will begin in January, and we have to start again from scratch!

That means it is imperative that we get the last 2 Senators lined up to support Right to Repair and have it signed into law before the current Session ends.  I will need your help to get this accomplished.

A growing number of repairs shops are being affected by the lack of access to technical information.  I’ve received many more phone calls from members unable to fix their customers’ cars. These small business owners are then forced to tell valued customers to go back to the dealership.

This issue is so vital to our members and important to keep on the public radar, that I penned an OpEd criticizing opponents of Right to Repair in the latest issue of NJ Biz magazine.  You can take a look at what I wrote by clicking HERE

I ask you to contact Senator Joe Kyrillos ( & 732-671-3206) who is a sponsor of this legislation. Senator Kyrillos has recently been bombarded by anti-Right to Repair advocates who want him to reconsider his support of the bill.  We cannot allow that to happen.  We need our members – and especially members from the Senator’s home district in Monmouth County – to contact him and let him know why this bill is so important to the success of your small business.

Once you’ve done that, please contact me and let me know that you’ve reached out to the Senator so we can keep track of our efforts.

Remember, we cannot let this bill die at the end of the current Session after winning a major victory in the Assembly.  We have to get this bill passed in the Senate and signed into law!  Our brethren in other states are watching us and counting on us to get this done.  A domino effect is likely if we can get this passed in NJ.  Massachusetts may be the next to follow.

HEY! Last week we sent you a link to our first NJGCA Online Survey. Have you taken 2 minutes to take the survey?  I want to thank all of you who have taken the survey and giving us your feedback.  However, I need ALL of you to take the survey if I’m to get an accurate idea of how you collectively feel about some of today’s hot button topics.

If you haven’t done so already, please click HERE to read the Events & Announcements e-newsletter with instructions on how to view and take the survey.  For anyone who has forgotten their member number, please contact Phil Apruzzi at NJGCA Headquarters.

Lastly this week, please note we have added new information on our inspection classes in this week’s Road Warrior.  Due to overwhelming demand, we are adding two new classes, which will take place in November and December.  See details below.

Thanks for listening - See you next week!

Sal Risalvato
Executive Director

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•Employment report: Government jobs up, private sector jobs down
•As property taxes rise, police compensation scrutinized
•Automakers oppose hikes in ethanol content in gasoline
•Garden State property taxes getting worse

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Henry Darden: Territory Manager for Middlesex, Union, Part of Essex (Southern Half)

Cell: 908-247-2992

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Cell: 732-995-1637

Bob Quirk: Territory Manager for Bergen, Hudson, Part of Essex (Northern Half)
Cell: 201-214-8836

Frank Stewart: Territory Manager for Morris, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Passaic
Cell: 973-234-7403
Don Stohrer: Territory Manager for Monmouth, Mercer, Somerset

Cell: 732-539-2955


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For any additional questions or concerns, please call Debbie Hill.

Ensuring our friends in the legislature are re-elected and advocating for our agenda in Trenton are of utmost importance to the agenda of NJGCA.

It is for this reason that your Association has established the NJGCA PAC.

For too long, the weight of funding our Political Action Committee, the arm of the Association responsible for political donations, has rested upon the shoulders of a few.  This is not fair to them, and it is not fair to many of you who are relying on the benefits of good legislation being passed in Trenton.

To truly understand the importance of fundraising for our allies, let’s look back upon the overwhelming successes of the last year:

NJGCA successfully lobbied against BELOW COST SELLING. If approved, BELOW COST SELLING would have cost each of you thousands of dollars and put many of you out of businesses.  NJGCA leaned on some of our friends in the Assembly and literally had the bill pulled off the floor on the day it was scheduled to be voted on.  Our friends in the Legislature helped us get this accomplished.

NJGCA made history and led the charge to pass the most comprehensive protection of franchisees in decades with FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL legislation.  FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL passed only because NJGCA and dealers throughout the state were able to lean on several friends in the Assembly and the Senate.

NJGCA has been rallying support for RIGHT TO REPAIR over the last two years among key legislators.  This would end the practice of car manufacturers denying you the codes necessary to complete the repairs you make on your customers cars.  Every state has tried to pass RIGHT TO REPAIR and no state has even been able to get the legislation out of committee.   Because of our friends in the Legislature, NJGCA has been successful in getting this bill passed by the Assembly and now awaits a vote in the Senate.

I am asking some of you as individuals to make a contribution and attend a fundraising event sponsored by one of our friends in the Assembly.

However, we will not be able to host events for all of our friends, so the NJGCA PAC will have to make contributions.  You will be receiving letters soon from the NJGCA PAC asking you to make contributions. 

If every member contributes just $100.00 we will be able to provide the help necessary to ensure victory for our allies.

I understand that times are tough for all NJGCA members, but this is just as important as any battle we have fought in the past.

We have made great progress in Trenton.  I hope that you will answer the call.


Due to overwhelming demand, NJGCA has added additional classes in November and December.  As you know, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has recently sent out a VID message to all Private Inspection Stations in state. 

All currently licensed Inspectors must complete an Inspector refresher course and pass a general knowledge exam with a grade of 80% or better to remain in the program.  If any test-taker answers 11 questions wrong, they will automatically fail.  A hands-on test for licensed Inspectors will not be required.

Inspectors will have until December 31, 2009 to take and pass the test.

Current Licensed Emission Inspectors only need the “Re-Fresher Course” and the “Written Exam”.  New Emission Inspectors will be given a “Hands On” test separately at your place of employment by the State of New Jersey. 

NJGCA will be offering refresher courses at the following two locations.  Classes will take place over five evenings and one afternoon:

NJGCA Headquarters
66 Morris Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07087
November: 3, 5, 10, 12, 17 and 19th

NJGCA Headquarters
66 Morris Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07087
December: 1, 3, 8, 10 15 and 17th

NJGCA Members Cost - $349.00  
Non-Members Cost - $489.00

Manuals are included in the prices above and payment is due upon registration.  All classes are 6:45 pm to 10:00 pm; the “Written Exam” will be given on the last day at 12:00pm at NJGCA Headquarters in Springfield, NJ.

If you are interested, please contact our office to enroll in a class.
Please contact Debbie Hill at 973-376-0066 with any questions.

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NJGCA is participating in the NJ Green Automotive Repair Council along with AAA-NJ, the NJ Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJCAR), and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.  

The council's mission is to encourage NJ automotive repair facilities to adopt environmentally responsible business practices. 

Through a certification program for dealership and independent automotive repair facilities, the council will also establish “green” repair standards.  Those who are reviewed and qualify will receive certification.  Stickers will also be given to those facilities to illustrate their participation in the program.

If you would like to participate in the program and fill out an application, please contact Debbie Hill at 973-376-0066.  An application fee and annual review fee are applicable.  
More facts about the program are available



Employment report: Government jobs up, private sector jobs down
New Jersey will end the decade with fewer private-sector jobs than it had at the start of the decade according to a report by  The in in-depth article states that this trend is the first of its kind since the Great Depression, with a net loss of 77,000 private-sector jobs since 2000.  Conversely, the state has added 63,000 new government jobs in the same time frame; an 11% increase.

As property taxes rise, police compensation scrutinized
In the wake of budget problems, taxpayer advocate groups have criticized elected officials of doing little to prevent property taxes increases in light of collective bargaining agreements and binding arbitration.  The most recent focus has been on the high cost of law enforcement and the amount of overtime police officers are entitled to as part of their yearly salaries.

Automakers oppose hikes in ethanol content in gasoline
The EPA is currently considering a plan to hike the ethanol content in gasoline from the current E10 standard to E15.  However, many automakers are asking the EPA to temporarily delay the move until studies conclude how it will affect vehicles currently on the road. Automakers fear that since most vehicles were designed with the E10 standard, switching to E15 may very well damage cars not built with this standard in mind.

Garden State property taxes getting worse
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal has cited a Tax Foundation study reinforcing New Jersey’s unenviable position as the state with the worst median property taxes in the nation.


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