December 21, 2007


Dear NJGCA Member:


Last week we discussed a “perfect storm” scenario for New Jersey’s business community.

NJGCA has recently learned that key Legislators and officials in the Governor’s Office have been meeting behind the scenes to hammer out an agreement on the Paid Family Leave Act.

We all understand what is at risk if Paid Family Leave becomes law: Hard(er) times for small-businesses and another strike against New Jersey’s already horrific business climate.

This week we bring you further proof that government just DOES NOT GET IT.

Governor Corzine recently made this statement regarding Paid Family Leave:


"I'm not so convinced it is so devastating to business practices going on across the state," Corzine said at breakfast speech in Cherry Hill to the Chamber of Commerce for Southern New Jersey.
What’s more, incoming Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney, who is a Prime Sponsor of the Paid Family Leave Act, recently made the following comments about his legislation:
“I’m willing to continue discussions with the Senate President and the Speaker to come to an agreement on getting it passed. I’ve expressed a willingness to compromise. But let me be clear, an exemption for small businesses is not one of the options (for compromise).”
You can read the rest of their comments HERE and HERE, respectively.

What is truly frustrating in the examples above is that our elected officials don’t seem to understand just how their policies will impact the public and businesses.

You almost wonder if they can understand the stress of complying with excessive DEP regulations, finding enough money to do the payroll, or what it would be like to find a qualified technician to fill a TEMPORARY vacancy in your shop for 10 weeks.

And while the final details are still up in the air – the Governor prefers a 6-week benefit and supports a 50 employee limit vs. Senator Sweeney’s 10-week proposal and NO employee limit – the final result will be the same: New Jersey’s business climate will deteriorate further.

But, hang on - it gets worse!

Last week, the Legislature passed S-383 which increases penalties for improper signage from $50-$200 per offense to $1,500 for the first offense and $3,000 for each additional offense.

You read that right – that’s an increase of 750% and 1500% respectively!! Still think the State is out to “help” honest small-businesses?!?

Please see below for more information on S-383.

NJGCA is leading the fight to educate the public, Legislators and the press about how these proposals will hurt businesses. But we need YOUR help to get the word out in Trenton.

Now onto the really important stuff:

On behalf of the NJGCA Board of Directors and our staff, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

See you next year – when the REAL fun beings!

Sal Risalvato,
Executive Director



  • New Fuel Efficiency standards pass House
  • Opinion page editor says “Leave Family Leave Alone”
  • Bill Watch: Key automotive organization endorses Federal Right to Repair
  • Liquor License: Legislature considers allowing alcohol sales at convenience stores

State House Legislative Report:

  • S-383: Gasoline Retailers to face increased fines!
  • Paid Family Leave Act: The battle is far from over – Act NOW!


  • NJGCA sponsored DEP Compliance Seminars


New Fuel Efficiency standards pass House
Citing the need to reduce oil consumption and protect consumers, Congress passed a new energy bill that will increase fuel economy standards 40% by 2020.

Opinion page editor says “Leave Family Leave Alone”
A recent Asbury Park Press editorial urges the Legislature to NOT pass the Paid Family Leave Act in fear of hurting New Jersey-based businesses and driving other companies out of state.

Bill Watch: Key automotive organization endorses Federal Right to Repair
The President of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association recently released a statement in support of the Right to Repair Act.

Liquor License: Legislature considers allowing alcohol sales at convenience stores
Under a debated proposal, the Legislature is discussing whether to allow convenience stores and supermarkets to sell alcohol.

State House Legislative Report:

Legislature hikes fines on Gas Retailers. Lumps honest businesses in with guilty offenders

The Legislature has passed S-383, a bill that will greatly increase fines for improper signage.

  • Click HERE to read our PRESS RELEASE on the NJGCA website; see how this legislation will affect YOUR small-business.

  • Click HERE to read a full transcript of the bill.

Paid Family Leave Act still under consideration by the Legislature

Events currently taking place behind the scenes may mean Paid Family Leave will be revisited – and a push made for its passage - before the end of the 212th Legislature.

  • Click HERE to read our PRESS RELEASE on the NJGCA website. Act NOW to prevent this bill from being considered by the Legislature.

  • Click HERE to a recent Wildfire Alert on Paid Family Leave.


Please be sure to mark your calendars for our NJGCA sponsored DEP Compliance Seminars:

NJGCA knows how difficult it is to follow DEP regulations.

NJGCA understands the burden of paying excessive fines for non-compliance.

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NJGCA has partnered with NJDEP Underground Storage Tank and Air/Vapor Recovery Departments to provide a seminar designed to help you navigate difficult compliance requirements.

The seminar will cover all required permits, upgrades, monitoring systems, tests and their required frequency, and record keeping.

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