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December 12, 2008


Dear NJGCA Member:


The last few weeks have been incredibly busy for the staff at NJGCA headquarters.  There’s just a lot going on out there.

I’m sure you’ve noticed we’ve sent out a flurry of e-newsletter to keep you updated. We’re sorry to have bombarded you with emails, but we wouldn’t go through the trouble if we didn’t believe it was important.  I hope you’ve been reading them.  Information is the first and last line of defense against Trenton’s antics - and we take that responsibility seriously.

Cooperation is a good quality to have in any business.  Unfortunately, the former Gasoline Retailers Association operated differently.  By that I mean, we did not collaborate with other groups often; we chose to do things on our own.

However, since I became Executive Director nearly two years ago, I have taken great pains in reaching out to other associations.  Why?  Well as a professional organization, there are many issues and areas where our interests overlap with other trade groups.  By working together, we are better able to leverage our capabilities and pursue common goals.  It has been a truly beneficial experience to work in conjunction with organizations like the Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey, the Garden State Towman’s Association, Chemistry Council of New Jersey, and others.

Still, one stand out group that I have worked particular well with is the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ).  Their Executive Director, Charlie Bryant, has been a consummate professional and a valued partner in our activities throughout New Jersey.

As such, I’m proud to announce that NJGCA has agreed to join AASP/NJ at the 2009 Northeast Trade Show as a featured participant.  Our goal is to bring together the very best purveyors in the automotive, convenience store, and motor fuel retailer worlds to the benefit of our members.  The show will take place on March 20-22, 2009 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center and will feature vendors from through out the industry.

This is truly an exciting opportunity for the Association and our members!!  We will have further details in the months ahead, but I encourage you can learn more by visiting the AASP/NJ Homepage or the Northeast 2009 Trade Show website.

This week, NJGCA brought you news that the Below Cost Selling bill will be heard on Monday, December 15th in Trenton.  We have attempted to workout a compromise with Assemblyman Burzichelli and have the bill amended.  However, this has not been possible.

NJGCA is now focused on defeating this legislation head on – but we NEED YOUR HELP.  It is absolutely critical that you make calls, write emails and reach out to legislators!  You can click HERE to find out who represents you in Trenton.  Tell them to VOTE AGAINST A-2904!!  It only takes a few minutes to be an advocate, protect your small business, and stop “Big Box” corporate retailers from forcing you out of business.

MAKE THE EFFORT – BE AN ACTIVIST!  Yesterday, NJGCA sent you a Wildfire Alert with further details.  If you HAVE NOT read it yet, click HERE to see what you must do – then GET MOVING!

Last week NJGCA held a press conference to present new evidence in Attorney General Anne Milgram’s sensationalized report of retailers knowingly “scamming” motorists.  We called for Attorney General Anne Milgram to resign for her behavior as this entire episode has harmed the reputations of all small business owners throughout the State.

Since our press event, the response from some of the media has been overwhelming.  We sent out an In Case You Missed It e-newsletter earlier this week with articles and videos of the press coverage.  If you have not read it, click HERE to read what the media is saying. We still need some of the media to recognize that our charges are serious and have merit.

However, new reports are popping up almost daily. One particular stinging opinion piece by Bergen Record columnist John Cichowski cites reader responses from his previous piece covering our press conference.  What are they saying?  To say they are angry over how the Attorney General deceived the public would be an understatement.  Click HERE to see what Cichowski’s readers are saying.

Lastly, time is running out for you to take advantage of a benefit we have negotiated on your behalf.  The ATS Gold Plan Testing Program will SAVE YOU 50% on all your required underground storage tank testing.  BUT, you only have until the END OF THE MONTH to sign up or you won’t qualify for these savings.  You are going to have your tanks tested next year anyway – why wouldn’t you sign up to save money?

See you next week!

Sal Risalvato

Executive Director



•ATS Gold Plan Testing Program – SIGN UP TODAY!!


•Solar panels coming to school, government rooftops
•Trenton: Lisa Jackson headed to Washington
•NJGCA in the News: AG officials lash back at NJGCA
•Scientist: Cellulosic ethanol research advances



All business owners know running a small business is expensive and never easy.  When a great opportunity comes along and allows you to SAVE MONEY and simplify your responsibilities, you have to take notice.

That’s why NJGCA has negotiated an agreement with our partners at ATS Environmental Services to save money for all service station owners.

For 2009, ATS will offer a steeply discounted compliance testing program to all NJGCA members.

The ATS Gold Plan Testing Program package, can save you up to 50% on testing in 2009.  The program will begin shortly after the New Year and includes Stage II Vapor Recovery, Tank Testing, Line Testing, and more.

You can read more on the offer on page 21 of the September issue of our On The Road quarterly publication.

However, to qualify you HAVE TO SIGN UP BEFORE DECEMBER 31ST or you will NOT qualify for this special pricing!!

DON’T WAIT!!  I encourage all retailers to take advantage of this program we have arranged on your behalf.

If you have any questions, you can contact me or Director of Member Services, Debbie Hill.


Solar panels coming to school, government rooftops
A green initiative in Morris County may soon find solar panels covering the roofs of schools and government buildings.  The $500,000 plan was unveiled by county officials who believe it will not only help the environment, but save money for county government over the long term.

Trenton: Lisa Jackson headed to Washington
Governor Corzine’s Chief of Staff and former NJ DEP Commission, Lisa Jackson, has been named by President-elect Obama to be the next Director of the Environmental Protection Agency. Jackson has only been Chief of Staff to Governor Corzine for a short amount of time before being named to her new post.

NJGCA in the News: AG officials lash back at NJGCA
Officials within the Office of the Attorney General continue to claim that it is waiting for NJGCA to provide information – despite repeated requests from Executive Director Sal Risalvato to meet and discuss specific evidence.  NJGCA continues to call on the Attorney General to resign and has provided the press with data confirming our assertions.

Scientist: Cellulosic ethanol research advances
After 20 years of utilizing bacteria and microorganisms to create ethanol, scientists now believe they are close to unlocking a commercially viable way to produce ethanol cheaply.  Researches believe that many competing models of cellulosic ethanol synthesis will eventually yield the needed ‘breakthrough’ for full-scale ethanol production.


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