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October 24, 2008


Dear NJGCA Member:


If you’ve been reading your emails, then you know that we’ve had a very eventful week in Trenton.

This week NJGCA and our allies were in the State House leading the charge on getting The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act passed.  First we took part in an important press conference Monday with Assemblyman Gusciora, the prime sponsor of the bill, to explain to the public why the Garden State needs Right to Repair.  Then on Thursday we testified before the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee on behalf of this legislation.

NJGCA members know how important this legislation is for automotive repair shops and small businesses across New Jersey.  Presently, repairs shops are barred from key technical data needed to make repairs.  This lack of information has meant small businesses had to turn customers away, leaving motorists no alternative but to return to a dealer to get their vehicle serviced.

This scenario is an everyday situation for thousands of repairs shops, as consumers lose their ability to choose where their cars are repaired.

Yesterday, however, NJGCA and the Right to Repair Coalition took an important first step in getting this unfair oversight corrected: The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act passed out of Committee by a 3-2 margin!!

NJGCA is thankful to Assemblyman Gusciora, Assemblywoman Cruz-Perez, and Assemblywoman Vainieri Huttle who voted in favor of the bill’s passage.

However, it doesn’t stop there!  On Monday, The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act is up for a vote before the full General Assembly!  That’s right, Right to Repair is moving! NJGCA will be on hand to speak with Legislators on why this bill is important to the small business community.

NJGCA also testified in favor of an Assembly Resolution urging Congress to support the Credit Card Fair Fee Act.  As you know, we have worked diligently with the Merchants Payment Coalition to get this measure adopted by Congress.  The legislation passed by a 5-0 margin and we applaud the bill’s progress.

Our activities in Trenton also saw legislation halted that would have been damaging for repair shop owners and convenience store owners..  This bill would have essentially required that prices be quoted over the telephone to customers – a logistical nightmare and undue burden to retailers throughout the state.  Our friends at the Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey (FMANJ) were instrumental in getting the bill held and we applaud their efforts.  These kinds of proposals are more of the same “feel-good”, un-needed measures that FMANJ and NJGCA will continue to jointly oppose.

This week’s progress in Trenton was a major step forward for our Members and our agenda. And while we should all be proud, we have no time to rest on our laurels as Right to Repair is heard on Monday.

Last week, NJGCA told you we supported a possible state Sales Tax Holiday and promised to bring you more details.  Our friends at the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) have recently posted some valuable information on their website regarding this issue.  Click HERE to read why we need a Sales Tax Holiday in New Jersey!

The time to take advantage of a great offer is slipping away.  NJGCA recently told you about a deal we negotiated on YOUR behalf with ATS Environmental Services.  Please see details below and DO NOT miss out on an opportunity to save money.  Sign up before the end of the year!

See you next week!

Sal Risalvato
Executive Director



•Will you take advantage of this offer?


•Budget shortfall projected for next year
•Corzine stimulus plan finds some support
NJGCA in the News: Sal defends Right to Repair
•Opinion: Toll Hike plan ignores what residents want



All business owners know running a small business is expensive and never easy.  When a great opportunity comes along and allows you SAVE MONEY and simplify your responsibilities, you have to take notice.

That’s why NJGCA has negotiated an agreement with our partners at ATS Environmental Services to save money for all service station owners.

For 2009, ATS will offer a steeply discounted compliance testing program to all NJGCA members.

The ATS Gold Plan Testing Program package, can save you up to 50% on testing in 2009.  The program will begin shortly after the New Year and includes Stage II Vapor Recovery, Tank Testing, Line Testing, and more.

You can read more on the offer on page 21 of the September issue of our On The Road quarterly publication.

However, to qualify you HAVE TO SIGN UP BEFORE DECEMBER 31ST or you will NOT qualify for this special pricing!!

DON’T WAIT!!  I encourage all retailers to take advantage of this program we have arranged on your behalf.

If you have any questions, you can contact me or Director of Member Services, Debbie Hill.


Budget shortfall projected for next year
The Governor’s Office has stated that they expect the current financial crisis on Wall Street to affect tax revenues needed for next year’s budget.  The State is currently exploring the elimination of some programs and consolidating departments to create savings.

Corzine stimulus plan finds some support
A stimulus plan proposed by Governor Cozine has been met with some support according to a new Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey Poll.  Survey results state that only 38% of state residents believe that the plan will be successful for New Jersey.

NJGCA in the News: Sal defends Right to Repair
On Monday, Executive Director Sal Risalvato appeared at press conference alongside Assemblyman Reed Gusciora supporting the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act currently before the Assembly.  Please click on the link above to read what Sal had to say.

Opinion: Toll Hike plan ignores what residents want
A recent OpEd chastises Governor Corzine and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority for pushing through a new Toll Hike plan despite the vocal objections of residents.  The author states that the measure will only hurt struggling families and further damage the economy.  Click on the link above to read more.


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