Road Warrior Newsletter

July 31, 2009


Dear NJGCA Member:


If you have been in this business for awhile, you know very well that the NJ Department of Environmental Protection never misses a chance to pick your pocket.

No matter if it is something as simple as maintaining records or as serious as soil contamination, the DEP is very quick to slap you with a fine.  The only fool-proof way to combat this continuing onslaught is to stay in compliance and not give them the opportunity to come after you.

I have received phone calls from members cited for not having properly color-coded fill-caps on their storage tanks.  That’s right - DEP is putting an emphasis on (re)checking if your caps are properly marked!

As you know, the API Product Delivery Color Code system has existed for years, but has recently been updated.  This federal-mandated system is designed for marking equipment used to store and handle bulk petroleum products.

This is an industry wide standard and you should already be complying with these regulations.  If you are not, then you are putting yourself at risk to get fined.

For reference, click HERE to view the correct API Approved Painting Fill Covers for fill-caps.

Remember, I can get key information to you, but I cannot MAKE YOU conform to any laws.  Don’t be a dope and give DEP the chance to pick your pocket anymore than you have to – comply with the law!

A few weeks back, NJGCA gave you an overview on the national healthcare reform debate.  If you have not had an opportunity to read that edition of the Road Warrior, click HERE to read it now.

Since we last reported on this, Congressional leaders and the White House have pushed to have a bill passed before their traditional summer recess in August.  However, conservative “Blue Dog” Democrats have threatened to vote against the measure as they are unhappy with the proposal’s price tag of over $1.6 TRILLION dollars over 10 years.  This has forced Congressional leaders to delay action on the bill until they return from their recess in September.

As we have stated earlier, NJGCA supports genuine healthcare reform that makes access to quality healthcare more affordable to all small-businesses and citizens.

However, we are against any “feel good” reform that puts political pandering above common sense and market-competition.  This includes a “Canadian-style” or “single-payer” system which has eroded the quality of healthcare in many nations.  You only have to read the endless stories about long-waits to get treatment, the rationing of resources or medicine, and horrific bureaucratic meddling to see how harmful such a program can be.

Ultimately, eliminating competition in favor of “doing the right thing” leaves neither patients nor healthcare professionals well served.  This has to be avoided at all costs.

A delay in a floor vote until September means that YOU will have time to Contact your Representative in Congress!  Ask them to push for common sense reforms and avoid a universal-healthcare system which will only further damage our economy.  ACT NOW!

You can find your representative by visiting the NJGCA Legislative Action Center by clicking HERE – Just fill in your Zip code or street address to see who your Congressman is, then click on the “Contact” tab to find their information.

We will continue to monitor the deliberations in Congress and update you as more information becomes available.

Last Friday, ABC aired the “Over the Barrel: The Truth About Oil” program I participated in with Charlie Gibson.  For anyone who did not get to see the first segment in which I appeared, please click HERE to watch.

While I would have loved to have had more of my discussion with Charlie included in the documentary, the essential point was made: The local service station is an independent small business owner – NOT Exxon or Shell – and makes little profit on selling gasoline, forcing owners to open convenience stores or perform vehicle repairs in order to survive.

I’m very pleased this message got across to the millions of viewers who watched the program.  This is a big victory for small business owners and speaks volumes about the need for us to be actively engaged in the energy debate.  I hope this is the first of many such encounters, but I need your participation to make it work.

I am anxious to hear your thoughts on the documentary.  Please be sure to email me with your feedback.

Lastly this week, I want to let you know that we currently have only five seats left in our August PIF Refresher course in Middletown.  The classes will take place between 6:45pm to 10:00pm on August 11, 13, 18, 20 and 25.  The final test will be held at 12:00pm on August 27 at NJGCA headquarters in Springfield.

Our current classes filled up fast.  The same is holding true for our August and October classes as well, leaving many unable to participate.  DON’T WAIT - Please sign up TODAY if you are interested. See full details below.

Thanks for listening - See you next week!

Sal Risalvato
Executive Director


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•Garden State to double solar power output
•Smoking bans, tobacco taxes impacting businesses
•Governor signs economic stimulus legislation
•Massive corruption sting snags politicians, community officials


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Henry Darden: Territory Manager for Middlesex, Union, Part of Essex (Southern Half)
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Cell: 732-995-1637

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Cell: 732-539-2955


The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has recently sent out a VID message to all Private Inspection Stations in state. 

All currently licensed Inspectors must complete an Inspector refresher course and pass a general knowledge exam with a grade of 80% or better to remain in the program.  If any test-taker answers 11 questions wrong, they will automatically fail.  A hands-on test for licensed Inspectors will not be required.

Inspectors will have until December 31, 2009 to take and pass the test.

Current Licensed Emission Inspectors only need the “Re-Fresher Course” and the “Written Exam”.  New Emission Inspectors will be given a “Hands On” test separately at your place of employment by the State of New Jersey. 

NJGCA will be offering refresher courses at the following two locations.  Classes will take place over five evenings and one afternoon:

NJGCA Headquarters
66 Morris Ave.
Springfield, NJ 07081         
September: 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, and 24

Bob's Precision Auto Repair
1264 Hwy 35 South
Middletown, NJ 07748
August: 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 and 27
October: 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, and 22

NJGCA Members Cost - $349.00  
Non-Members Cost - $489.00

Manuals are included in the prices above and payment is due upon registration.  All classes are 6:45 pm to 10:00 pm; the “Written Exam” will be given on the last day at 12:00pm at NJGCA Headquarters in Springfield, NJ.

If you are interested, please contact our office to enroll in a class.
Please contact Debbie Hill at 973-376-0066 with any questions.

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NJGCA is participating in the NJ Green Automotive Repair Council along with AAA-NJ, the NJ Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJCAR), and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.  
The council's mission is to encourage NJ automotive repair facilities to adopt environmentally responsible business practices. 

Through a certification program for dealership and independent automotive repair facilities, the council will also establish “green” repair standards.  Those who are reviewed and qualify will receive certification.  Stickers will also be given to those facilities to illustrate their participation in the program.

If you would like to participate in the program and fill out an application, please contact Debbie Hill at 973-376-0066.  An application fee and annual review fee are applicable.  

More facts about the program are available


Garden State to double solar power output
State regulators approved projects this week which will double the amount of solar power generated in New Jersey.  The $515 project will solidly place New Jersey second only to California in electricity produced from the sun.  The new project is expected to generate and additional 145 megawatts of power – which will power roughly 130,000 homes.

Smoking bans, tobacco taxes impacting businesses
The growing trend of banning smoking in eateries and public places is taking its toll on tobacco makers and businesses.  Hardest hit in this trend are cigar makers and retailers, who must lay off workers to compensate for lost revenue while paying higher sales taxes on tobacco products.

Governor signs economic stimulus legislation
On Monday, Governor Corzine signed a measure aimed at creating employer incentives and new job growth.  Dubbed a “smart growth” bill, the legislation seeks to encourage urban and commercial development, as well as advance college campus improvements.

Massive corruption sting snags politicians, community officials
Federal corruption charges have been handed out to 44 elected officials and community leaders in one of the nation’s largest ethics scandals.  Among those arrested were a number of Assemblymen, mayors, council members, and political operatives.  Sadly a number of prominent rabbis were also included in the scheme and arrested.  Charges ranged from bribery, money laundering, and organ trafficking.


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