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May 9, 2008


Dear NJGCA Member:


Few factors are more vital to the success of your small business than good employees. They are often the intermediary between you and your customers.  We come to depend on them and value them like members of our own families.  And for that, they should be well rewarded for their hard work.
But sometimes, a bad employee can ruin your reputation or cost you more than you bargained for.

Take, for instance, a recent incident in South Jersey.  A station attendant took a customer’s debit card and charged $15 dollars worth of gas at another pump where the customer had paid in cash.  The employee then pocketed the cash and returned the card. 

The attendant honestly believed he could get away with the deception. But the victimized patron was a NJ State Trooper who noticed his account was over-charged.  This was not the attendant’s first run in with the law – he had a prior record – and he was later arrested on theft charges. 

You can read more about the incident and arrest by clicking HERE

The damage such an episode can put on a small business is incalculable.  If your customers believe you are employing thieves and dishonest people, they will stop frequenting your business.  A good reputation takes years to develop and can be ruined for much less.

But the lesson here is very simple: Know who you are hiring.  Sadly all of this could have been avoided.  The owner should have performed a background check on the employee to make sure they had a clean record.

I know how difficult it is to find good employees but make sure you know who’s working for you.

We continue to implore members to implement cash/credit pricing.  Crude oil has now topped $122 a barrel – and that means prices will rise further at the pump. 

The reaction from the public has been brutal.  They are understandably upset.  But in their anger they are mis-placing blame for these price spikes on retailers. 

Motorists do not understand that you are being squeezed too.  I am making every effort to educate the news media and I continue to urge them to properly relay the facts to the public.

Members have called to alert me that motorists have filed unjust complaints alleging illegal price changes and deceptive signs.

I will continue to work with Weights & Measures and Consumer Affairs to encourage them to get the "bad guys" and leave the "good guys" alone.

That means you need make sure you comply with regulations to avoid these claims.  Don’t let this happen to you - DO IT RIGHT.

Click HERE to read a recent Road Warrior outlining the benefits of cash/credit pricing.

Remember, small businesses are getting squeezed.  Owners must change their tactics to survive -Change your pricing!!!

Thanks for reading.  See you next week!

Sal Risalvato
Executive Director


State House Legislative Report

•Reg Flex advances out of Senate Committee


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NJGCA in the News: Cash/Credit Pricing and Defending Retailers
•Big Oil sees near-record profits
•Senate President: Tolls on 78 & 80 a bad move
•News taxes on fast food coming?

State House Legislative Report


Last month, Assembly Bill 832 - the New Jersey Regulatory Flexibility Act – was passed in the General Assembly and referred to the Senate Economic Growth Committee.  

This week, the bill was heard before the Committee. NJGCA was present to testify on behalf of Assemblyman Chivukula’s bill and are pleased to say it was swiftly and unanimously passed.  

Remember, this bill seeks to ease regulatory fines that are agency derived and not directly imposed by the Legislature. It would essentially force departments to provide a cost benefit analysis and prove that businesses will not be overwhelmed. 

NJGCA supports this proposal because it would compel departments like the DEP to defend their regulations and fines. 

The bill will now go before the full Senate for a floor vote.  It is imperative that this legislation passes. Please reach out to your State Senators and ask them to support the “Reg Flex” bill.  Find your Senator by clicking HERE - Just click on your town to see who represents you in Trenton.

You can read the full bill language by clicking HERE 

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NJGCA in the News: Cash/Credit Pricing and Defending Retailers
Executive Director Sal Risalvato discussed dual-pricing with reporter Rob Jennings, how it saves motorists money, and explained how retailers are getting squeezed just like everyone else.

Big Oil sees near-record profits
Despite a slowing economy and signs of a pending recession, Exxon-Mobil reported a 17% spike in first-quarter profits – totaling $11 billion.  These incredible earnings come as small-business retailers, motorists, and consumers are further squeezed in the market. 

Senate President: Tolls on 78 & 80 a bad move
Transportation officials and key state lawmakers have proposed adding tolls to high-volume roadways to fund infrastructure repairs.  However, Senate President Richard Codey believes the measure should not be considered and will likely die without his support.    

News taxes on fast food coming?
State officials are now considering an additional 2% sales tax on fast food in an attempt to fund struggling hospitals and deter consumers from making poor-food choices.  The tax is proposed just as food costs are increasing due in part to high energy prices.


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