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May 2, 2008


Dear NJGCA Member:


It’s no secret that New Jersey is a tough place to do business.  But after today, it’s going to get tougher.  That’s because Governor Corzine WILL sign the Paid Family Leave Act into law later today.

NJGCA has stated time and again as to why this bill is not only un-needed but ultimately puts New Jersey based businesses at a further disadvantage.  We are not going to outline them all again here – for that you can read previous editions of the Road Warrior (Click HERE).

Instead I will just say it again: Paid Family Leave is nothing more than a government sanctioned summer vacation program!

With today’s bill signed into law, two undisputable facts remain: 1. Your employees are now eligible to take 6 weeks of PAID family leave each and every year and 2. Small businesses are once again bent over a barrel and will be forced to comply with an un-needed social program.  The unions must be very happy.

This sad episode is one more illustration why it is imperative for you to vote for pro-business candidates. NJGCA communications like the Road Warrior are part of this process - keeping you updated with important news and events – so you can educate your customers and others during the election process.

Last week we stressed the importance of implementing cash/credit pricing.  Well, this week it is even more imperative that you make this move as credit card fees are going higher as the price of gas goes higher.  Many of you have called this week for instructions to properly implement cash/credit.  I urge you in the strongest terms possible to get out there and do it.  Your neighbor is watching you and you are watching him.  Stop watching and DO IT!

Click HERE to see last week’s Road Warrior outlining cash/credit pricing.

Remember, when times are difficult, consumers and motorists will be looking to assign blame when they feel pain at the pump. They will undoubtedly look to retailers as the culprit.  When you offer a discount to your customers for paying with cash then you are providing a benefit to them.  The only losers are Visa and MasterCard.
Please make sure that you display signs at your location properly.  Some dealers have posted signs that are deceiving to the motoring public and that is exactly what the Department of Weights and Measures will fine you for.  I will turn in any dealer who is gaining unfair advantage over a competitor by using deceiving signs. If you practice deception you will give everyone else a black eye and I will not allow that.    Please report any retailers to me that are not playing fair.  I will handle it.  Enough said.

Help your patrons and yourself by swtiching to cash/credit pricing.  Take a moment to educate customers on how the market works and how little profit your operations make on the sale of gasoline.  I have been sending fact sheets to the media and speaking to them in order to educate the public that you are being squeezed just as hard as the motorists.

Thanks for reading.  See you next week!


Sal Risalvato
Executive Director



•Are you getting both faxes and emails from NJGCA?  Let us know what you read!


NJGCA’s recent press release on a Gas Tax Holiday


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•New Jersey’s Brain Drain
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•NJGCA in the News: Risalvato talks prices as costs rise


Have you been getting our fax communications?  Are you reading your emails?  Are you getting both?

We have stated time and again the importance of keeping our members well informed.  NJGCA strives to get you timely news and information on events around the state, how it will affect your business, and what we are doing to defend small businesses.

Our efforts on your behalf are only effective if members are up-to-date on proceedings in Trenton and in the business community.

We recently started to send out faxes in addition to our weekly Road Warrior eNewsletters when we became aware that our members were NOT consistently reading their emails on a timely basis.  These statistics were very troubling.

In response, we began to send out faxes to make sure members were kept in the loop on weekly events, despite their email reading habits.  However, we do not want to bombard you with duplicate information.

If you do not read your emails weekly, we will continue to send you faxed communications and reminders you to check your email.

If you consistently read your emails and would like to stop receiving weekly faxes, please email us with your complete contact information and we’ll take you off our fax list.

Remember, our goal is to keep you well well-versed and educated on the industry and government – Let us help you get that information!


Did you see our recent Press Release?

On Monday, NJGCA released a statement stating the importance of adopting a Gas Tax Holiday during the travel-heavy summer season.

This proposal would drop all federal gasoline and diesel taxes from motor fuel sales from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

With analysts speaking of a pending recession, temporarily eliminating fuel taxes will pump billions of dollars into the national economy - which New Jersey desperately needs.

Click HERE to read our Press Release.  Let us know your thoughts.


For Sale: Jersey State Parks?
As the end of the budget cycle approaches at the end of June, rumors run rampant that the Governor may sell specific state parks to help balance next year’s budget.

New Jersey’s Brain Drain
College bound students and recent graduates are choosing to leave New Jersey, according to a recent editorial.  New Jersey is already number 1 in net out-migration of college-bound high school graduates, despite spending the most amount of money per pupil, after New York, for it’s elementary and secondary school programs.  Long term, this will have a negative impact on the State’s economy.

Opinion: End Homestead Rebate Program
A recent editorial ponders if the Homestead Rebate Program should be ended – at leas temporarily – to help balance the state’s budget.  The author notes that the program has been used as a political “gimmick” in years past to distract voters from pressing issues.

NJGCA in the News: Risalvato talks prices as costs rise
Executive Director Sal Risalvato spoke with the Burlington County Times about gasoline price increases and projected hikes during the summer. 

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