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April 24, 2009


Dear NJGCA Member:


It seems everywhere you go, you can’t help but hear about the “green movement” and companies “going green” to protect the environment.

Certainly today, being environmentally responsible is a credo of corporate accountability.  And thanks to the media and special interest groups, the American public is aware of it now more than ever.

But why shouldn’t auto repair facilities – and for that matter gasoline retailers and convenience stores – get appropriate recognition for their efforts in this arena?

After all, for years automotive repair shops have been recycling motor oil, batteries, old tires, and anti-freeze.  Some have even rebuilt and refurbished important vehicle parts to cut down on waste.  Still many more have purposefully taken steps to run clean, environmentally-sensitive shops.  And that doesn’t even speak to gasoline retailers who follow daily procedures to prevent vapor/fuel leakage and convenience stores that vigorously recycle cartons, bottles and other materials.

As such, I’m proud to announce our participation in the NJ Green Automotive Repair Council.  The program was officially launched this week in cooperation with AAA NJ, the NJ Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJCAR), and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

The council's mission is to encourage NJ automotive repair facilities to adopt environmentally responsible business practices.  In other words, it formally recognizes what you have already have been doing for years!!

Through a certification program, independent automotive repair facilities will be recognized for adhering to “green” repair standards.  After an application process and site review, facilities that qualify will receive certification stickers that can be publicly displayed for participating in the program.  Yes…there is a small fee to participate and defray the cost of the facility inspection.

I strongly encourage all our auto repair members to participate in the program.  Why should you NOT get adequate acknowledgment for doing what you’ve always done?!?!  Shouldn’t your customers, the public, and your community be equally aware?!?!

This is a fantastic opportunity for NJGCA and our Members -- Take advantage of this program!!   If you are interested – and you should be – please contact Debbie Hill for an application and details!  More facts are also available

We are still working to get Right to Repair heard in the Senate Commerce Committee.  We know that the Committee will meet soon but we need YOU to help us get the bill on the agenda!!  Click HERE if you haven’t read our latest Wildfire Alert with the details and ACT NOW!!

I’ve gotten some positive feedback from many of you about my first attempt at ‘blogging’ on Sal’s Corner.  If you haven’t had a chance, click HERE to take a look and leave a comment.  I hope to write more soon!

Lastly, we have added a HELPED WANTED section to our NJGCA Classifieds below.  Take a look and see if anyone you know may be interested in the posted position.

Thanks for listening - See you next week!

Sal Risalvato
Executive Director


•BUSINESS FOR SALE: Are you interested in expanding your business?
•HELP WANTED: Could you fill this position?

BUSINESS TOOLS: National Credit Solutions
•Do you have credit problems?  Improve your credit with NCS Group!

•MVC fee hikes: Public has two more weeks to comment
•General Motors seeks a ‘hydrogen highway’
•Revised Predatory Towing Act is now law
•New Jersey may need more stimulus money


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Emily Bielen, owner of John’s American Service Center, is selling her small business.

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION:  A corner service station; has been owned and operated by the same proprietor since 1956.  The owner is retiring and seeks interested parties.  The station has two bays with lifts and an office.  Currently the station performs full service automotive repairs and tire sales.  Gas pumps and tanks were completely upgraded to EPA guidelines in 1994, including double-wall fiberglass tanks and lines. 

Property also includes a 3-family, fully rented apartment building.  A two-car garage and a three-car garage are also included on the property; either can be used for additional storage or rental.

All buildings and garages will be included in the sale.

PROPERTY LOCATION: The station is a corner lot located at the intersection of 16th Street & Grove Street in Irvington, conveniently situated one block up from Garden State Parkway Exit 144.

For full location details and to view this classified ad, please click HERE

Interested parties are to contact Emily Bielen at 732-388-9291.

If you are interested in placing a classified ad, please contact Debbie Hill.


Somerset based Shell Station seeks a Front Office Manager with reliable professional individual with excellent communications skills. Must be well organized and able to multi-task and delegate work as required.  We are a family owned auto repair and car rental business, operating since 1946.

Interested parties: Please contact Frank Resta at 732-887-7773 for further information and to arrange an interview.

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NCS offers a free evaluation and consultation after they have evaluated your credit report. After the free evaluation and consultation and then, when the restoration process is complete and we have raised your credit score and standardized your report, you are eligible, free of charge, for up to 36 months of financial counseling and education.

If the answers to the above questions are yes, please call Charles Gray at National Credit Solutions. Charles may be reached at 201 498-1105.

You can also contact Phil Apruzzi at the NJGCA office to get you “On The Road” to credit restoration. Phil can be reached at 973-376-0066 x- 209. Don’t forget you can also contact the NJGCA Territory Manager for your area.

Visit the NCS website to learn more;

MVC fee hikes: Public has two more weeks to comment
With a large number of public comments filtering in on the Motor Vehicle Commission’s plans to increase more than two dozen of its fees, the agency agreed to extend its public comment deadline by two weeks.  The proposed fee hike may costs motorists an additional $40-$60 million a year.

General Motors seeks a ‘hydrogen highway’
Representatives from General Motors were in upstate New York last week demonstrating hydrogen-powered vehicles.  As part of the demonstration, GM is urging the creation of a ‘hydrogen highway’ across New York State to service hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Revised Predatory Towing Act is now law
A measured aimed at revising last year’s Predatory Towing Prevention Act was recently signed into law by Governor Corzine.  The new law will remove a burdensome provision which would have established a cap on fees based on a countywide average.

New Jersey may need more stimulus money
With the Garden State’s economy still struggling and despite a $17.5 billion injection over three years, Congressional delegates have stated that another round of federal stimulus funding may be needed.


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