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April 18, 2008


Dear NJGCA Member:


The marketplace is becoming more difficult to forecast and more difficult to understand.  Prices vary greatly from brand to brand and from supplier to supplier.  Making the situation worse is that the market may go up 10 cents one day and down 10 cents the next.  If you get a delivery when the price is high then you get hurt.  If you get a delivery on the down cycle you get to pocket a few extra cents.
The great variation in retail price from locations that may be only a block away are confusing and angering motorists.  Motorists think retailers are reaping huge profits.
It is more important than ever that you maintain a constant and sufficient margin on every gallon.  Your suppliers must understand that they too must be competitive.  When one brand is priced significantly higher than another brand the pain should be felt at the refiner and supplier level.  Retailers shoulder too much of the competitive burden in the marketplace.
If you haven't implemented cash/credit pricing at your location then you are allowing Visa and MasterCard to take profits that belong in your pocket.  Again I must encourage you to implement cash/credit pricing if you have not done so.  If you require information regarding the proper way to display your street signs, please call the office. 

Next week, NJGCA will be heading to Atlantic City for the 2008 Atlantic Region Energy Expo (AREE), the largest northeast petroleum marketing industry convention.  The three day trade show will host more than 5,000 petroleum industry decision-makers and business leaders.

Governor Corzine’s proposed budget has been greatly criticized in recent weeks as more details emerge.  Among its many suggestions, the Governor would eliminate the Department of Agriculture and spread its responsibilities to the Department of Environmental Protection and other state agencies.  The reaction has been overwhelmingly negative. 

State farmers and their supporters recently marched on Trenton in protest and more are planned.  The multi-billion dollar food and agriculture trades are the State’s third largest industries.  These businesses depend on the vehicle repair industry to keep goods moving to market.  If the Agriculture Department and its programs were eliminated, the effects will certainly filter down to affect gasoline retailers and automotive repair facilities. 

Could there be a way to save the Department of Agriculture from the chopping block? 

This topic and more were discussed at a “Meet the Leaders” event hosted by the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA) earlier this week. NJGCA attended the event and participated in the deliberations that discussed the Governor’s Budget and the impact it will have on the state’s business community. 

On behalf of the NJGCA Board of Directors and our staff, I wish you and your family a very Blessed Passover this Monday!

Thanks for reading.  See you next week!


Sal Risalvato
Executive Director


State House Legislative Report

•Paid Family Leave to become law!


•Toll-Road Hike Plan costing taxpayers millions!
•Wawa pushing further in on convenience stores, gas retailers turf
•Opinion: To fix budget woes, State must stand up to Unions
•This again? Tolls on Routes 80, 78 talk resurfaces


NEXT WEEK: 2008 Atlantic Region Energy Expo!  
State House Legislative Report


Last week, NJGCA brought you news on the passage of the Paid Family Leave Act.  The Governor has not signed the bill as of yet, but he is expected to sign it into law soon.

NJGCA strongly encourages ALL Members to contact the Governor’s Office and ask him to NOT sign the Paid Family Leave Act.  The bill will extend 6-weeks of PAID leave every year to all employees unless the Governor can be convinced it is BAD for New Jersey! 

Call 609-292-6000 or email the Governor by clicking HERE and completing the online form. 

Tell him to STOP Paid Family Leave from becoming law in New Jersey.

Toll-Road Hike Plan costing taxpayers millions!
The State has burned through $7.3 million in expenses on Gov. Corzine's stalled plan to increase highway tolls.  What’s more, the state may soon spend more as alternatives are studied.
Wawa pushing further in on convenience stores, gas retailers turf
A recent article sounds off on local businesses concerned that Wawa convenience stores are undercutting small business owners in their quest to increase the company’s footprint in the Garden State.

Opinion: To fix budget woes, State must stand up to Unions
A editorial suggests that State politicians are entirely too beholden to powerful unions and special interests groups in addressing budgetary matters.

This again? Tolls on Routes 80, 78 talk resurfaces
A plan to possibly place tolls on Routes 80 and 78 has reemerged during a recent transportation talks.  Assemblyman Joe Cryan (D-20th District) suggested the plan should be studied further as a ‘viable’ measure to raise revenues.



2008 Atlantic Region Energy Expo (AREE'08) in Atlantic City

The largest northeast petroleum marketing industry convention - Come join more than 5,000 petroleum industry decision-makers at AREE08

Who should attend?
• Oilheat marketers
• Motor fuel marketers
• HVAC contractors
• Suppliers
• Owners
• Service managers
• Technicians
• Sales/marketing personnel

Why attend?
• Visit the two day trade show featuring the latest in products and services.
• Meet with your suppliers.
• Attend the educational sessions to help you grow your business.
• Play golf!
• Network with attendees, sponsors and exhibitors!

Workshops Include:
• Oil Prices: Why are they where they are? Where are they going?
• Credit Card Interchange Fees: What can you do about them?
• Advancing E-85 fueling infrastructure - The potential and the pitfalls.
• Stage II Vapor Recovery: From inception to (hopefully) demise

To view Company Participants, visit:

To view complete Convention Schedule, visit:

The three day convention and trade show will be held in the Atlantic City Convention Center. The Opening Session is slated for 2:00 pm Tuesday afternoon, April 22. Educational sessions workshops will continue through 2:30 pm Thursday afternoon, April 24.

The trade show will be open Wednesday, April 23 from noon to 5:00 pm and on Thursday, April 24 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Go to for more details!

To register visit: 

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