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January 16, 2009


Dear NJGCA Member:


It is two weeks in to the New Year and I am forced to speak bluntly!  (It's going to be a long year)

Let me be clear, suppliers need to make a profit.  They sell to you for no other reason.  I wish them as much prosperity as I wish you.  I ask NJGCA members to keep this in mind whenever I counsel them during contract negotiations.  BUT...I look out for you!

You are in business to HELP YOURSELF!   NOT YOUR SUPPLIER!
Last week I asked for you to contact me and sign up as a volunteer who will submit your delivered cost of gasoline on the NJGCA web site.  Many of you did..Thank You!  One member called back after mentioning it to his supplier and reneged after his supplier asked him not to participate.  OF COURSE his supplier doesn't want him to participate!!!

I need 117 volunteers to enter their data after each delivery.  It will take less than 2 minutes. I need 9 volunteers for each major brand and I need 27 unbranded dealers.
I have set this up as a tool for YOU!  Members call me everyday because they see competitors selling on the street for less than they pay.  Members are always asking....WHY?
Imagine that at any time of the day you can access the NJGCA Members Only Gasoline Delivered Cost Matrix to view what other brands or your brand are paying for gas.  The matrix will only work if there are different branded dealers from all parts of the state willing to enter the DELIVERED PRICE of gasoline in their assigned spot on the matrix.  The box will display your brand, your delivered cost, and the date that your record was updated.  Your location will NEVER be identified.
There are many good suppliers out there.  Many suppliers are NJGCA members and we promote them.  Suppliers that are members of NJGCA are reading this message too...I DON'T CARE if they read this...I DON'T CARE if they don't like this!   TOUGH!   When your supplier chips in to pay your mortgage and your payroll then your supplier can help you make these decisions.  You should not be discussing these matters with your supplier.....BUT if you do.....and you receive any negative repercussions from your supplier...CALL me immediately!!
This is an exclusive benefit for you to use as a tool to compare your delivered price to what others are paying around the state.  If you are paying 10 cents more than others then you should be asking your supplier...WHY?  OF COURSE your supplier doesn't want you to participate!!
Do I need to continue???  I said my piece!  Whew!

My mantra of “help me, help you” doesn’t stop there.  Are you prepared to pay much higher rates for electricity at both your home and your business?

Currently utility companies must come before the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to increase rates.  This oversight allows BPU to understand the reasons behind rate increases and also allows the board to discuss the negative impact to industry. 

However, legislation has been introduced – S-2428, “the 21st Century Infrastructure Bill” – that would change all of that. 

S-2428 allows a utility company like PSE&G or JCP&L to come before the BPU and get a formula-based rate approved. This will lead to exponential increases in utility costs.  Imagine how severe rate increases will be passed along from the Refineries in Linden to the Wholesale Distributors that deliver to you, and then ultimately to the consumers.

Additionally, home-owners will not only pay more to heat their homes or pay their electric bills, but also end up paying more to fuel their cars.

Yes, this legislation has been quietly meandering thru Trenton, but the staff here at NJGCA has kept an eye on it.
Currently NJGCA is a part of the “Anti-Rate Stabilization Coalition” and we are working hard to protect you from this bill’s damaging consequence.

PSE&G and their monopolistic counter-parts in the utilities industry are using smart-grids and green technology upgrades as a smoke screen for this proposal.  There are plenty of funding sources currently available, and there will undoubtedly be more with a new, more environmentally progressive administration in Washington. 

Please know that we are watching this legislation and working hard to defeat it before it gains traction.  As always, be prepared to take action!  This bill is currently before the Senate Economic Growth Committee, but if a hearing is held, we will need your assistance in Trenton!

Constant vigilance is a responsibility that all in our industry must share. 

If you are aware of any legislation you believe we should monitor, please do not assume that we are aware of it.  Instead be proactive and let us know!  NJGCA is watching out for you, but we need your continued assistance in the year ahead!

See you next week!

Sal Risalvato
Executive Director



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•State warns of municipal aide shortfall
•Feds approval new NJ-NY rail tunnel
•Governor emphasizes home-owner, small-business assistance
•Corzine focuses on fixing economy in State of the State address



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Contact call Kristi Klune at 1-800-440-8265 x107 for full details or see our recent
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State warns of municipal aide shortfall
In light of the current fiscal crisis, Governor Corzine warned local mayors to anticipate less municipal aide for next year’s budget. The warning comes several days after the Governor delivering a somewhat-grim State of the State speech Tuesday, in which he outlined his plan to weather what is expected to be a difficult year.

Feds approval new NJ-NY rail tunnel
Authorities in Washington granted final approval for a second Hudson commuter rail tunnel between Northern New Jersey and Manhattan.  Transportation officials believe the project will create thousands of jobs and ease congestion for commuters.  The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has secured $5.7 billion for the project and is expected to be completed in 2017.

Governor emphasizes home-owner, small-business assistance
During the Governor’s State of the State address, a $245 million stimulus plan passed in October was hailed for saving jobs and keeping homeowners from foreclosure.  Officials have stated that new business grants will be made available in the coming year.  To find out more about the InvestNJ Business Grant Program, click HERE

Corzine focuses on fixing economy in State of the State address
With the national economy weakening, Governor Corzine used his annual State of the State speech to reassure voters that the fiscal crisis remains his top priority.  The Governor also listed his priorities and remained hopeful for the coming year.  Please click on the link above to read more.


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