Road Warrior Newsletter

January 9, 2009


Dear NJGCA Member:


New Year always brings new beginnings – and this year we will have our hands full as we begin to push NJGCA into new, uncharted waters.

Over a year ago, the NJGCA Team went to work investigating how to plan a tradeshow for our members.  NJGCA has never done a show before and we’ve been studying how to pull together a successful exhibition.

In December, we announced that our friends at AASP/NJ invited us to participate in their annual Northeast Tradeshow this March.  The show is now in its 32nd year and is a great event.  We will bring you more details in the weeks ahead, but we can tell you that our aim is to bring together the best vendors in the automotive, convenience store, and motor fuel retailer industries.  As we strive to better integrate the 3 parts of our Association, rest assured that there will be something at the tradeshow for everybody!  And that’s not all.  We are also planning on having a number of seminars and family activities as well.

Don’t forget to mark the date on your calendars!  The show will take place on March 20-22, 2009 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center.  For more information, please visit the Northeast 2009 Tradeshow website

This is only the first step in what we believe will become an annual tradition for the NJGCA.

Looking back at 2008, NJGCA can boast a number of accomplishments.  Among them are stopping the Below Cost Selling bill in the Assembly, standing up to the Attorney General and providing evidence to clear the names of innocent retailers, and rejuvenating our Member Benefit Partners to better serve your small business.  Of course, we couldn’t have done all of this without your support!

Navigating the heavy seas of the gasoline marketplace, promoting cash/credit pricing, and keeping the motoring public aware of the difficulties that gasoline retailers face everyday was essential work for us last year.

We have another busy year ahead of us in 2009.  Below cost selling has been stopped for now, but is undoubtedly coming back.  Exxon is pulling out of New Jersey and we need a ‘First Right of Refusal’ law to protect lessee dealers.  The DEP will continue to torment small business owners with over regulation and endless violations.   Zone Pricing continues to be an issue, the convenience store-killing ‘Smart Container Act’ hasn’t gone away, and we still need to get Right to Repair passed!

All 80 seats in the NJ General Assembly are up for re-election, as is the Governor, and there has been a renewed interest in the Gas Tax as revenues in Trenton fall.

As you can tell, we have much to do – we’ve got a tough year ahead of us!

The primary reason you belong to NJGCA is to help me to keep the Trenton Train from running straight thru your front door.  Your membership and your involvement help give me the clout I need when I visit with legislators.  We need you to help us defend you from Trenton’s un-ending need to burden you with taxes and regulations.

One of my highest hopes and visions for NJGCA members is to have 24 hour, immediate, and real time access to the delivered cost of gasoline for every brand in many geographic areas of the state.  This will allow you to compare your delivered cost with that of others.  This is a MEMBERS ONLY benefit, but I need NJGCA members to volunteer and commit to providing the information.

Each volunteer will be asked to log on to our web site and provide DTW information in their assigned box on the price matrix grid.  You will never be identified, and the info you provide will allow all NJGCA members to keep their suppliers honest and competitive.  Members can log on all day to see prices as they change.  I am asking you to email me and volunteer for one of the boxes on the grid.

Yes, this is a commitment, but it will take less than a minute each time you receive a delivery.  Please volunteer now.  Do not pass up an opportunity to help us help you.  If NJGCA does not undertake an effort like this-who else will?  Remember…ONLY NJGCA members will have access to this information.  NON members….forget about it!!!

See you next week!

Sal Risalvato
Executive Director



•ATS Gold Plan Testing Program EXTENDED: SIGN UP TODAY & SAVE MONEY IN 2009!!


Gas prices begin to rise
•Payrolls deductions for Paid Family Leave begin
•Federal Panel urges Gas Tax Hike
•Corzine pledges to do all he can for lagging economy



Last year we brought you news that NJGCA had negotiated an agreement with our partners at ATS Environmental Services to save you up to 50% on all tank testing.

Due to a last minute surge in demand, ATS has agreed to EXTEND the sign up period for their exclusive Gold Plan Testing Program by two weeks!

The program offers a steeply discounted compliance testing program to all NJGCA members. This offier will not last long.  Please sign up today and save on all your compliance testing for 2009!

The program includes Stage II Vapor Recovery, Tank Testing, Line Testing, and more.

This extended offer will not last long.  Take advantage of this opportunity. Don't give Trenton the chance to pick your pocket! Call NOW to save money and stay in compliance!

Contact call Kristi Klune at 1-800-440-8265 x107 for full details or see our recent Events & Announcements e-newsletter.


Gas prices begin to rise
Following a 9% cut in oil production by OPEC, the price of motor fuel throughout New Jersey began to slowly rise in the last week following the Christmas holiday.  Experts predict prices will rebound to $2.00 per gallon by the spring.

Payrolls deductions for Paid Family Leave begin
The controversial Paid Family Leave Act took affect on January 1st and will deduct $1 from every employees’ paycheck.  The funds will be used to pay for up to six weeks of paid leave for an employee to care for a newborn, newly adopted child, or a sick parent, spouse or child.

Federal Panel urges Gas Tax Hike
A federal panel has recommended that Congress raise the Gas Tax by 10¢ a gallon to help pay for national infrastructure and road repair.  The increase would be a 54% hike to the current 18.4¢ federal Gas Tax.

Corzine pledges to do all he can for lagging economy
Governor Corzine has promised that Trenton will do all it can to help residents get through the difficult year ahead.  The governor expects an infusion of federal aid to help create new jobs and offset losses in the struggling private business sector.


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