January 4, 2008


Dear NJGCA Member:


With every New Year comes a moment of reflection. This past year we’ve had a great deal of positive change at NJGCA – and there is more yet to come as we strive to better serve you.

But all the positive changes in the world cannot help if you don’t take advantage of the information or opportunities we present to you.

So I ask you to make a New Years Resolution this year: To get educated in the ways Trenton will try to separate YOU from YOUR money.

Step one is for you to see the opportunity we’ve put together for you below. NJGCA is doing all we can to keep you well informed and we are hosting a DEP Compliance Seminar.

Please make it a PRIORITY to attend one of the two seminars. DO NOT miss an opportunity to get a glimpse of DEP’s playbook and learn to avoid costly fines! See details below.

Thanks for reading. See you next week!

Sal Risalvato,
Executive Director



  • Market Watch: Oil Hits $100 per barrel
  • Toll Road Sale: NJ has Nation’s 3rd largest budget deficit; May hock roads for cash
  • Unacceptable Behavior: Station cheats customers at the pump
  • New energy bill hurts motorists and automakers

State House Legislative Report:

  • End of the 212th Legislature; New Faces coming to Trenton


  • NJGCA sponsored DEP Compliance Seminars


Market Watch: Oil Hits $100 per barrel
Crude oil prices hit a symbolic milestone, topping $100 per barrel for the first time in history.

Toll Road Sale: NJ has Nation’s 3rd largest budget deficit; May hock roads for cash
The prospect of selling state assets like the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway may become a reality as Governor Corzine faces a $3 Billion budget short fall next year.

Unacceptable Behavior: Station cheats customers at the pump
A local gasoline station faces serious violations for deceiving customers. Owners are accused of watering down fuel and charging for premium fuels while dispensing regular gasoline.

New energy bill hurts motorists and automakers
The recently signed “Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007” will indirectly cost consumers more to purchase and maintain new vehicles.

State House Legislative Report:

212th Legislature Wrap Up

Monday the 7th is the LAST time the current 212th Legislature will meet. On Tuesday, new members will be sworn in and the 213th Legislature begins.
This time next week, it’s a whole new ball game.

NJGCA is making it a top priority to re-affirm our relationships with returning members and introduce ourselves – and our positions on various issues – to incoming members.

But before we do, here’s a look back on the status of various bills as this Legislative Session ends.

Right-to-Repair: We were only a few votes shy of passing this legislation during the 212th Legislature. We are now working with the sponsors to promote an identical bill for the new session.

Zone Pricing: We are continuing to collect and update files to illustrate factual events in each of the 40 Legislative Districts. Our goal is to use these examples to make Legislators understand how Zone Pricing affects their constituents and small-businesses in their local districts.

“Hot Fuels”: A bill was introduced at the end of the 212th Legislature. It gained little traction, but it will undoubtedly be accelerated by the federal government’s attempts to mandate temperature adjusted calibrations. We are working with experts to fully understand the impact and obligations for our members under this bill.

Predatory Towing: We are all aware that the Predatory Towing Act was passed in the 212th Legislature. NJGCA is working with former sponsors and co-sponsors to correct this legislation before it becomes an enforceable law – that leaves us with 10 months to have the law amended.

Paid Family Leave Act: We are on record as to how this bill will hurt your small businesses. Fortunately, the bill did not make it to the Governor’s Desk before the end of the 212th Legislature. Therefore we will continue to fight to ensure that this legislation provides exemptions for businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

24-Hour Price Signage (Price Gouging): Under the guise of price gouging legislation, the 212th Legislature significantly increased penalties for sign violations. Although we strive to prevent price gouging, we will fight for flexibility in pricing to account for multiple deliveries in a 24 hour period.

Remember, a new Legislature means all bills are re-introduced and we start from scratch. That means NJGCA will have ample opportunity to affect the debate in Trenton as bills progress. We will be counting on all members to help us moving forward.


Please be sure to mark your calendars for our NJGCA sponsored DEP Compliance Seminars:

NJGCA knows how difficult it is to follow DEP regulations.

NJGCA understands the burden of paying excessive fines for non-compliance.

We want to see all our members avoid these excessive fines!!

NJGCA has partnered with NJDEP Underground Storage Tank and Air/Vapor Recovery Departments to provide a seminar designed to help you navigate difficult compliance requirements.

The seminar will cover all required permits, upgrades, monitoring systems, tests and their required frequency, and record keeping.

For your convenience, NJGCA has set up two IDENTICAL seminars to educate you on these regulations.

Please join at one of the following locations:

January 29, 2008
9am to 4pm
Regency House Hotel
140 Route 23 North
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
(973) 696-0900

January 30, 2008
9am to 4pm
Holiday Inn Hotel
700 Hope Road
Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
(732) 544-9300

We encourage ALL members to take advantage of this opportunity!!

To register please call 973-376-0066