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September 29, 2009


Dear NJGCA Member:

Health Care costs are on the rise!  In difficult times, NJGCA is determined to provide its members with every advantage possible including quality Health Care coverage at the lowest possible costs.  Please continue reading if you truly want to save money and want quality Health Care coverage.
Recently NJGCA members who participate in the Association Master Trust (AMT) Health Care program received notice that premiums are being increased as of October 1, 2009.  AMT trustees have chosen to raise premiums because of the rising cost of claims and a need to maintain a high level of financial security in the trust that serves the members of 13 associations including NJGCA.
HOWEVER, I have personally made comparisons of AMT rates with other insurers in NJ.  In MOST instances AMT RATES ARE MUCH BETTER THAN ALL OTHER PROVIDERS OF HEALTH CARE COVERAGE IN NJ!!!
I have done this in response to those of you who have contacted me to say that you have been quoted rates from a competitor that are less than the rates quoted by AMT.  This has been frustrating to me so I needed to make some comparisons.  If a competitor shows you rates that are less than you are paying PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call us here and have AMT compare their plans with the quote you have received.
An evolution has been happening over the past few years among Health Care insurers to change the terms of Health Care plans and increase co-pays and deductibles, and to limit the network of doctors and hospitals that you can access.  All of these changes result in lower premiums by shifting the costs of doctor visits and prescriptions to the patient.
It is ok to change your coverage to reduce the premium that you pay.  It is even ok to use the carrier with the lowest cost to you.  BUT PLEASE COMPARE APPLES WITH APPLES!
When a competitor tries to steal your business they very often entice you with a lower premium but with much different benefits.  You are lured by the thought of saving money...and you should be lured by saving money.  BUT..if you really want to save money, call AMT and get a quote on a Health Care plan that compares equally with the new benefit plan that you have received from a competitor.  You will likely find that AMT will be much lower than the competition.
Some competitors are enticing members with HMOs.  AMT does not offer an HMO at this time, HOWEVER; AMT can offer direct access plans that allow you IN and OUT of network coverage with similar or better benefits as an HMO with the same or lower rates.
Yes...YOU will have to do a little bit of investigation to make these comparisons...but in the end YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!!!
PLEASE CALL ME WITH YOUR FINDINGS.  Please allow AMT to quote your Health Care coverage for the SAME coverage you are being quoted from a competitor.
IF you are an NJGCA member that is not using the benefit of AMT Health Coverage then you are NUTS!
AMT was organized over 35 years ago by banding together 13 trade associations similar to NJGCA.  STATE LAW prohibits any business from receiving Health Care coverage for their employees unless they are a member of one of the 13 associations that make up AMT.  STATE LAW also requires that all trustees that govern AMT MUST be enrolled in an AMT Health Care plan.
NJGCA is permitted 3 members on the AMT board of trustees.  AMT returns the savings to members enrolled in the plan that other Health Care insurers must return to stockholders as profits.  When you are enrolled in an AMT plan you essentially become a defacto stockholder by receiving your dividend/profit in the form of savings.  ONLY NJGCA members and the members of 12 other sister associations are permitted to participate!
Please call us here to get a quote on a new AMT plan!  Definitely call us to get a quote to compare with any competitors plan!
Take advantage of your NJGCA benefit!

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