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June 10, 2009


You MUST take one final step to complete this triumph!
Please call the Governor and the sponsors of our bill to THANK THEM for supporting us.  We have more business to conduct in Trenton and we MUST convey our appreciation. Please do this with the SAME dedication that you made phone calls asking them to support our initiative.

Governor's Office: 609-292-6000 or 609-777-2500
Senator Cardinale: 201-567-2324
Sarlo: 201-804-8118
Assemblymen Diegnan:
Assemblyman Bramnick: 908-232-2073 or 908-232-3673
Assemblyman Chivukula: 732-247-3999

This morning, after many months of effort and hard work, Governor Corzine signed our First Right of Refusal legislation into law!! 

My sincerest congratulations to all of you in helping to make this victory possible!! 

This past fall, Big Oil threatened your small business and was about to pull the rug out from under you.  But you stood up for yourself and joined with Team NJGCA to fight back!

Big Oil and their allies had big check books and fancy lobbyists fighting us every step of the way.  In fact, Governor Corzine continued to face enormous political pressure right up until he signed the bill this morning! 

All the money and fancy suites in the world could not stop our grassroots efforts! Bravo!

Take a look at what these Assemblymen are saying about our bill in this YouTube Video commentary - Click HERE

Keep in mind, this IS a historic event!  The entire industry has wanted to do for many years what we accomplished in New Jersey today.  And you did it in four months!  That is incredibly significant and you should feel proud!

With today's victory, a group of small business owners find themselves on equal footing with corporate titans.  It means that you will now have an opportunity to purchase your location and control your own destiny. 

We must also recognize the efforts of Exxon dealer Ebbie Ashabi.   Ebbie worked as hard as the NJGCA staff, and his efforts and those of the Exxon dealers was invaluable.  NJGCA gives a special heartfelt thanks to Ebbie and the Exxon and Shell dealers that worked so hard!

Congratulations to you and please remember to call our sponsors to THANK THEM for their support!

Then get ready, because we aren't through yet!  We still have a lot left to accomplish in Trenton and we need YOU to fight alongside of us!

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