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June 9, 2014

Membership Meeting Thank You and
Short Member Survey!


Dear NJGCA Member:
I would like to give you a personal thank you for attending your organization’s membership meeting last week.  I know your time is extremely valuable, and it is not always easy to give up an evening at home with your family, but I also know, how important it is to make sure you that you are updated and for you to see first hand what the staff here at NJGCA works so hard to accomplish.  Yes we keep you updated through our weekly Road Warrior emails and the quarterly On The Road newsletter, but I know it is always better to be face to face and meet others who walk in the same shoes as you do, and experience the same difficulties.
I hope the information that we provided was both interesting and useful, and I certainly hope that you had an opportunity to mingle and speak with other members.  I also hope you had an opportunity to meet some of the many NJGCA Members Benefit Partners (MBPs) that attended.  They were there for you to ask questions while at the same time they were demonstrating their support for NJGCA.
NJGCA is a stronger organization because we all work together: NJGCA + Membership + Member Benefit Partners = Stronger Organization to support YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!!
If there were any MBPs that you did not get a chance to speak to at the meeting, please call NJGCA headquarters and ask for Debbie or Greg.  They will guide you to the appropriate MBP that can take care of your needs.  Also, remember to keep your MBP brochure handy with a list of all the services that they provide and their contact info.
At the Southern meeting on June 3, I made an offer to all of those who were present that I would like to extend to all who attended the Northern meeting on May 28.  FOR EVERY NEW MEMBER THAT YOU RECRUIT TO JOIN OUR TRADE ASSOCIATION BEFORE AUGUST 31, YOU WILL RECEIVE A CREDIT OF $100 ON YOUR NEXT NJGCA ANNUAL RENEWAL!
Also, please click
here to take a short 30 second survey to give us your feedback on the meeting that you attended.
Again, thanks for attending the meeting.  I look forward to seeing you again!
Remember….Membership in a strong trade association is one of the best investments you can make!
Sal Risalvato


Serving the small businesses that serve the motorist

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