NJGCA Class C UST Operator Training

NJGCA is pleased to sponsor UST Training’s nationally recognized Class C UST Operator Training Course for our members. This course is a simple and effective way  to meet the NJDEP training requirements for your Class C Operators ( Service Attendants).

They will learn about UST Safety, Hazard Awareness and Emergency Response.  After the Class has been completed your student will receive a Certificate that he/she completed the class. Click here to view an example certificate.

Click HERE to take the training course!

There is one more step to follow to be compliant!

After Completion of the Class C Training:  Each and every Class C Operator with the Class A/B Operator must complete the “Facility Specific Worksheet”  for each location he/she works at.  All Training Documents for the Class C Operator must be kept in a file on site for NJDEP.